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Soul Mates Ultimate Romance Spa Gift Set

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When it's time to relax and indulge in some "me time" artnaturals is here to help. Use this set to transform your home into your own personal spa.

The ultimate spa gift set to spoil your loved one. Expertly curated to bring you and your partner closer together. Set the mood for romance with pure aromatherapy essential oils and popular 150 ml oil diffuser with cool mist technology.

Enjoy a relaxing spa experience with a silky soft foot peel, Himalayan salt scrub, and essential oil bath bombs for ultimate relaxation. Make your own massage oil with customer favorite jojoba oil for smooth soft skin. Simply add 15 drops of essential oils to 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil.

Soul Mates Ultimate Romance Spa Gift Set Includes:
Essential Oil Diffuser (150ml)
Top 16 Essential Oils Set
Essential Oil Bath Bombs
Himalayan Salt Scrub
Jojoba Oil
Silky Soft Foot Peel 


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(5) Reviews

Haven't used everything yet, but the salt scrub is awesome!

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Kelsi P

I use the oils in the diffuser and on body. The bath bombs are ok, they don't smell much once in the tub. The oils do very well. They smell amazing.

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Elizabeth B

Moisturizer, lip balm, perfume, medical/pain relief, aroma therapy, mood, well being, vapor for stuffy nose. I plan on using it in many additional ways. I love the oils, I would recommend them to anyone. They are excellent quality. I love using them. I felt better from using them right away.

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Wanda M

Very nice and relaxing!

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Leeann L

products are good essential oil bottles pour out to fast and leak

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