10 Daily Anti-Aging Routines You Can Do in Your 20s

10 Daily Anti-Aging Routines You Can Do in Your 20s

The quest to keep your skin looking young is best started when you are young. There are many good habits you should begin to practice and there are many products you can utilize to maximize your anti-aging strategies. Here we will discuss ten daily anti-aging routines that should be started in your twenties, none of which, later in life, you will regret to have begun at such a young age.

Stay Hydrated

A lot of advice our mothers gave us, the advice we ignored, was actually very wise. One of those pieces of advice was to stay hydrated throughout the day. A daily habit of drinking 8 ounces of water a day should be an absolute minimum, but drinking 32 ounces of water daily is an even better habit. Keep a glass of water on the bedside table, and start every day with a full glass of room-temperature water. Add lemon to your water throughout the day because it contains anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants that aid in healthful looking skin and hair. The water flushes out toxins, keeps your skin hydrated, and aids in digestion. It hydrates your skin both internally and externally, both by aiding in digestion and by helping you to endure the elements — daily consumption of water is a must for hydrated skin.

Get Your Rest

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated because when you sleep your skin cells regenerate and rebuild themselves. A good night of sleep also helps to clear your mind and ease your worry — and stress is a big factor in early-onset aging. Beginning good sleep habits in your twenties is a great way to stay healthy and looking and feeling young for decades to come. Strive to make a habit of falling asleep and waking at the same times each day, allowing yourself an absolute minimum of 6 hours of restful sleep.

Use a Silk Pillow Case and Sleep on Your Back

Investing in a silk pillowcase is a worthwhile purchase, and it will pay in dividends. Anyone who has ever woken up to find unsightly sleep marks covering their face knows what can happen from sleeping on cotton linens. Ideally, you should sleep on your back because sleeping on your side compresses your skin, eventually leading to crow's feet and the thinning of the skin around your eyes.


When you are active and fit, you speed up your blood flow and strengthen the elasticity of your skin. Exercise also helps to improve your mood and, if done outside, exposes your skin to fresh air. A healthy and active lifestyle can also help you to feel more vibrant and alive.

Remove Makeup Every Night

Removing our makeup every night is another bit of useful advice that we have all heard from our mothers. Cleansing the skin and thoroughly removing makeup each night is an important part of any effective anti-aging regimen. You should not apply products to a dirty face. Maintaining a routine of product application each night before bed is a great habit to cultivate. Use a natural, oil based, eye makeup remover and a gentle cleanser, finishing your routine by splashing some cold water onto your face.

Use a PH Balancing Toner

Toner is a key step between cleansing and applying moisturizers and serums. Applying a toner between these two steps is an important habit to adopt as it allows your face to maximize the effectiveness of the products you use — and it also keeps the skin balanced.

Use Vitamin E Oil, Vitamin C Serum, and Hyaluronic Acid

Using the right products is the best way to stay looking young. They are necessary tools for your anti-aging kit. When selecting which products to use, always look for natural ingredients containing relatively few fillers. Here are a few products you can add to your anti-aging kit:

  • Vitamin E Oil: This oil is perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. You should make sure that it is in your lotion or make sure to apply the oil itself just before applying a light moisturizer. When applying oils and lotions do not stop at the chin. Neglecting to apply products to the neck and décolletage is a mistake that many women make. It is important in one's 20s to begin to think of the neck and décolletage as an extension of the face.
  • Vitamin C Serum: This serum is a must-have. As the skin ages, collagen production decreases, which causes the skin to lose some of its vitality, tone, and elasticity. Vitamin C helps produce collagen (a protein your skin begins to lose as you age), decreasing wrinkles and protecting your skin from the negative effects of free radicals. Vitamin C serum is an essential ingredient of a well-rounded and effective skincare routine.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Found in moisturizers and serums, hyaluronic acid is a great overnight treatment to ward off the effects of aging. It helps to draw moisture to the skin, so your facial skin will wake up feeling fresh and smooth in the morning. But whatever moisturizer or serum you decide to use, always make sure to include overnight treatments in your anti-aging routine.

Massage Your Eyes with a Silver Tipped Eye Cream Applicator

Many high-end eye creams come with a silver-tipped applicator. This item is worth seeking out if it’s not already included with the eye cream that you’ve purchased. Keep the applicator in the refrigerator and use it in the morning and in the evening to stimulate the area around the eyes. Applying the cool metal to the skin under your eyes can also reduce puffiness and restrict blood vessels, lessening their appearance.

Limit Exposure to the Sun and Don't Smoke

  • Exposure to the Sun: The elements are not always our friends when trying to maintain healthy skin. Minimize the adverse effects of skin dehydration by limiting your exposure to the sun. Begin wearing a moisturizer with sunscreen, and adopt a look that includes a wide-brimmed hat when venturing outdoors for extended periods. When selecting your sunblock, be sure to choose one that is non-toxic and non-comedogenic. Natural products, such as coconut oil, provide a great barrier against damaging sun rays.
  • Don’t Smoke: Smoking is one of the most harmful activities to one's skin. You should really avoid even trying it. Smoking dehydrates the skin and expedites aging. If you absolutely feel the need to smoke, limit your smoking and vaping to the outdoors and use only natural blends.

Eat Lots of Fresh Food instead of Processed Foods

Diet is another habit that has a strong impact on your skin. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day can help keep your body healthy and vibrant and minimize the toxins it ingests. When you eat properly, and cleanly, you put much less burden on your liver and other digestive organs. Eating healthy foods also helps your body run more optimally. Processed foods, which often seem convenient with your busy schedules in your 20s, should be reduced and absolutely not eaten every day. Meat products from factory farms contain antibiotics and other chemicals that will also thwart your anti-aging efforts. Eat well every day so as to maintain smooth, glowing skin that will continue to shine well into our 30s.

Daily routines and habits are what define us, and working to keep them clean and natural, will keep us looking young and vibrant. These daily habits will help to keep skin looking young and fresh, and will assist in our overall health. Beginning a healthful lifestyle in our 20s helps to create a very strong foundation of anti-aging habits that can last a lifetime. Taking care of ourselves not only helps to keep our appearance youthful but also increases our vitality and zest for life.

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