10 New Natural Health and Beauty Products to Try in Summer

10 New Natural Health and Beauty Products to Try in Summer

Beach, sun, sand, waves ­— everything’s better when it’s summertime!

Just don’t forget that summer also means showing more of your skin, and if you’ve been hibernating all winter like the rest of us, you might need some help getting summer-ready. In that case, have no fear! To help you look and feel perfectly gorgeous this summer, here are 10 amazing, all-natural health and beauty products that won’t let you down:

Soleil Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray

The first thing everyone needs for summer is sun protection. Soleil Sunscreen Spray has a sun protection factor of 30, meaning it’s perfect for protecting your skin while you lie out by the pool or spend a day at the beach. Plus, it’s preservative and fragrance-free. No toxins here!

What truly sets this sunscreen apart is how easily it can be applied. Instead of slathering it on like other greasy creams, all you need to do is spray it on any part of your body that you want to protect — less fuss and less mess. Use it from any angle for perfect coverage on even the most hard-to-reach places (like your back).

To apply Soleil Sunscreen, spray it on in an even layer before any sun exposure, and then reapply it after swimming or every two hours.

Soleil SPF 30 Tinted Facial Sunscreen

When it comes to sun protection, remember that facial skin and body skin are different. Sunscreen meant for body application can clog the delicate pores on your face. Plus, if you’re going to apply makeup and a sunscreen onto your face, why not streamline the process with an all-in-one product?

Soleil Tinted Facial Sunscreen does just that. This product offers protection and just the right amount of skin-tone-evening color for a gorgeous summer glow.

To use, start with a clean face and put a dab of the product on your fingertips. Gently massage onto the skin, taking care to blend evenly along the chin line. Use as a daily tinted moisturizer to nourish your skin or use as a sun blocker to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Put it on right before harsh sun exposure when you want to feel protected and look stunning.

Aloe Vera Gel

No matter how much you try to protect yourself from the sun, you can still burn your skin. The best way to treat a sunburn is to use natural health and beauty products. For this propose, aloe vera gel is the perfect natural remedy.

Aloe Vera plants have been used as skin-healing remedies for centuries, and the key to their amazing, curative powers lie in their many active, anti-inflammatory chemicals. These chemicals have restorative properties that can heal aggravated, sunburnt skin by improving blood flow and re-forming lost collagen.

To use Aloe Vera Gel on your sunburn or to use just as a nourishing gel for dry skin, simply apply the gel gently and rub it on in small circles. Allow the gel to absorb completely before dressing.

Soleil Sunless Tanning Kit

For a guilt-free summer tan, nothing beats this cult classic: the Soleil Sunless Tanning Kit is perfect for achieving a sun-kissed glow without sun damage. Unlike some sunless tanners that will turn the user into an unsightly shade of orange, this tint reacts to your unique skin tone, giving you an attractive glow that complements your distinctive coloring.

The Soleil Sunless Tanning Kit is a great set of products to have before donning your bikini for the beach — but make sure that you set aside enough time for the process, and don’t forget that the color won’t develop for three to four hours after application.

When applying, always exfoliate the skin first. Using the mitt, blend a small amount of the product into the skin using short, circular motions. Always ease up on the amount of use around your elbows, knees, and ankles to prevent a deeper tan in those areas.

Lush Eyelash Serum

Lush Eyelash Serum is perfect for achieving long, full lashes without makeup. Why lash serum for summer? Think back to the last time you wore makeup on a hot day — did any of it end up beneath your eyes? It happens to the best of us — the sun is a notorious mascara-melter!

This year, however, you can be smart. And instead of relying on messy makeup to thicken and lengthen your lashes, use Lush Eyelash Serum. Its rich blend of amino acids, apple stem cells, and vitamin B5 combine to produce the ultimate lash-boosting remedy for thin, stubby lashes. Amino acids and vitamin B5 enhance protein production, which is essential for hair growth. Apple stem cells stimulate dormant hairs, helping them sprout up and create full, lovely lashes you never knew you had!Say goodbye to runny mascara this summer and hello to makeup-free beauty.

To use this serum, simply apply daily to clean, makeup-free lashes.

Himalayan Salt Scrub

Unlike other body scrubs that can leave your skin feeling dry and raw, this Himalayan Salt Scrub nourishes and hydrates the skin while sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing a fresh, smooth glow. It’s great for a luxurious spa day at home, and it’s the perfect prep for heading to the beach!

To use, dampen the skin. Then scoop a small amount onto your fingertips, and gently massage it in. Use anywhere on the body except the face, and be especially gentle on thinner, more delicate skin like that around the décolletage. For optimal results, use two to three times per week.

Argan Oil Hair Pomade

Summer’s balmy temperatures may be just what the doctor ordered, but don’t forget that extra warmth and sunshine come with an added dose of frizz. We’re talking seasonal hair frizz: flyaways, frayed ends, the whole kit and caboodle. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, both of which are particularly beneficial to hair — they smooth and hydrate without weighing down the roots. Fortunately, Argan Oil Pomade can rescue even the frizziest of summer humidity hairdos and create a smooth, soft, ultra-coiffed look in just seconds.

To use, put a small amount on your fingertips and work it into damp or dry hair, concentrating on the ends.

Silky Soft Exfoliant Foot Peel

When it’s sandal season, you’ll want to show off soft, smooth feet. To achieve this beautiful look, the Silky Soft Exfoliant Foot Peel is perfect. This hands-free treatment helps moisturize dry, cracked heels and peeling toes with tea tree oil, aloe vera, castor oil, and lavender extract. Tea tree oil provides antibacterial and antifungal components. Castor oil works as an emollient (to slough off dead skin cells). Aloe vera provides anti-inflammatory and cooling effects. And the lavender extract provides a lovely, all-natural scent.

For oh-so-smooth tootsies without the fuss, simply slip the booties on over your clean feet and apply the included adhesive tape to secure them in place. Leave the booties on for one hour before rinsing your feet with warm water and then patting them dry.

Anti-Cellulite Kit

Everyone has a little jiggle under the skin, but there’s no reason to deal with cellulite if you don’t have to! For firm, smooth, cellulite-free skin, all you need is the Anti-Cellulite Kit.

This kit includes the trifecta of cellulite fighters: retinol, hyaluronic acid, and caffeine. These products firm and sculpt any areas of your body that have cellulite by preserving the lipid barrier and diminishing fatty acid deposits. It also includes seaweed extract to flush toxins and stimulate healthy circulation.

To use the Anti-Cellulite Kit, simply apply the firming cream to trouble spots and use the massager to rub in and absorb the product.

Soleil Mineral Water Cooling Spray

On a hot day, every girl deserves a cool down, and what better way than with a fresh, invigorating mist of cool water? Soleil Mineral Water Cooling Spray instantly refreshes your skin and gives you a boost of energy when you need it most on those sweltering days.

To use, simply pump the spray once or twice onto a clean face before applying moisturizer. It can also be used as a pick-me-up throughout the day. Just spray near the forehead, neckline, or anywhere else that’s feeling uncomfortable. This spray is a must-have for hot summer days, so pack it in your purse or car to keep it on-hand!

All-natural health and beauty products use nature’s own elements to enhance your natural glow. By utilizing ingredients and extracts directly from the earth, you’ll beautify your body from the inside out and provide essential nourishment to your mind and spirit as well.

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