10 Scenarios Where You'll Need The Right Hand Sanitizer

10 Scenarios Where You'll Need The Right Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a valuable product to have around at all times. Its portability is what makes it great for quickly and easily rid yourself of germs. You can even take it on the go, carrying it in your handbag, gym bag, or messenger tote bag. Slip a travel size sanitizer into your pocket, so you can be ready to disinfect at any place and at any time.

Here’s the deal: When you are in a pinch, hand sanitizers can help to supplement hand washing, especially when you can’t immediately get to a sink to wash with soap and warm water. However, this does not mean that sanitizer can replace good old reliable soap and water — but sanitizer is great for eliminating bad microbial cells. The Center For Disease Control recommends the use of hand sanitizer for controlling microbes on your palms at times when you don’t have regular recourse to cleansing your hands. Just make sure that the product you use has an alcohol content of at least 60 percent or higher. And remember to use at least a dime-sized amount each time you pour your alcohol-based sanitizer onto your hands.

That being said, some hand sanitizers are definitely better than are others. If you can find ones that contain skin-soothing ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, then your sanitizer can not only eliminate bad microbial cells but also soften your hands. There is nothing better than dual-purpose products. Here are some scenarios where you might need the right-hand sanitizer for on-the-spot cleaning.

At the Gym

The gym can be a very germ-ridden, icky place. There are sweaty and unclean people running around the gym, touching all the different equipment, often without wiping them down before and after each use. You obviously don’t want to run back to the locker room after using each machine to wash your hands. So having some hand sanitizer at the ready can prevent the spread of germs and prevent the possibility of contracting a virus.

On School Days

When children attend school, they encounter a plethora of different germs. Give them extra protection by sending them to school with their own little bottle of hand sanitizer — it can be stored in their backpacks. You can even clip a travel-sized one right to the outside of their backpack. They will hopefully remember to use it more often when they see it out in the open.

At an Amusement Park

There are many opportunities at an amusement park for taking advantage of a travel-size hand sanitizer. It can be hard at those large amusement parks to find suitable bathrooms around each corner. It comes in handy (especially after you step off a ride after touching the same straps and bars that everyone else has had their hands on) for rubbing a dab or two of alcohol cleansing sanitizer on your hands. Then you can easily run back around and hit that thrilling roller coaster ride again.

On Public Transportation

When using public transportation, you’re not surrounded by the healthiest of people — the smell of subways, trains, and buses makes this quite evident. People use buses and trains to get to work every day, and many of those same people will go to work even when they are sick. Prevent yourself from picking up extra germs by always grabbing that sanitizer after you touch any handles or seats when using public transportation.

At the Mall

The mall is another place where the recycled air can contribute to microbes growing in the everyday places that people place their hands — places like escalator handle, tables in the food court, and even the door handles on dressing rooms. Make it a habit to splash a little sanitizer on your hands every so often while you shop.

In Movie Theaters

Armrests on theater seats can be a common spot where germs tend to linger. This might sound a little gross, but it’s true: People tend to lick their fingers while they eat buttery popcorn and wipe their hands on the seats and armrests. So, you really have to avoid touching the places that the people in the movie before you have touched, or you have to make sure to sanitize after being exposed to these germ-ridden seats. You obviously don’t want to miss any of the movies, so bringing sanitizer to the theater can save you from having to run out to the bathroom during that big blockbuster hit to wash your hands.

At Grocery Stores

Be careful of touching the carts at the grocery stores — need we say more? You can and should disinfect your cart with hand sanitizer and tissue before you begin to push the cart with your hands. Just squeeze a few drops onto a tissue and rub it over the cart’s handle before you begin to use it.

At the Library

Picking up books and movies from the library can also be a touchy experience. After you collect all your books and take them to the checkout line, use a little bit of your portable hand sanitizer to get rid of leftover microbes that might be on the items that other people have previously checked out. This is also a good time to use some of your little ones, who might be playing in the children’s areas with library toys, blocks, and books. It is also no secret that library bathrooms have become common washrooms for the homeless. So, keep your hand sanitizer around for extra protection.

In Doctor’s Office Waiting Room

Having hand sanitizer at your doctor’s office goes without saying: everything in a doctor’s office waiting room is fairly exposed to sick people’s germs. Granted, you might be able to wash your hands once you get into the examination room, but while you’re in the waiting area, it’s a nice time to practice hand sanitizing. Our artnaturals Dispenser - Sanitizer Spray is perfect for doctors' offices. 

On a Camping Trip

If you are out in the woods, it’s not likely you’ll come across a running faucet with soap and water. For true “off the grid” camping and roughing it in the wilderness, it’s a perfect time to have some hand sanitizer to clean yourself up every now and then. Trust us, your hands will feel much cleaner.

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