10 Step Guide to Grow and Nurture Your Beard

10 Step Guide to Grow and Nurture Your Beard

Whether your significant other approves or not, that inner troglodyte is desperate to express that true symbol of nature-provided manliness: his beard. It’s hard-wired into your DNA, gentlemen. The problem is, of course, that growing a full, thick beard just isn’t possible for all men. For some, their facial hair is a bit patchy; for others, it is a bit wiry; and for the unfortunate few, it is practically non-existent. Still, with the help of a good beard wash, a nice trimmer, and a little beard oil, you can easily and efficiently maximize the vitality and vigor of whatever kind of facial hair nature has provided for you.

Like Your Car, Your Beard Needs Fuel

Diets that are similar to those of the days when we were hunters and gatherers are best for providing our beards the fuel they need. Proteins and fats serve as the building blocks for our beards, and vitamins B3, B5, and B9 provide the needed octane to optimize health and growth. So, a diet of lean meats, dairy, nuts, eggs, and green, leafy vegetables should be more than enough to give your beard a great nutritional foundation to start from.

Patience Is a Virtue

Just as every great journey begins with a single step, so too does a healthy beard. Being methodical and patient is the cornerstone for great-looking facial hair. So, give that newborn beard time to discover itself. Fight off the urge to trim or shape it for at least a month, if not 6 weeks. However, if an unkempt look is frowned upon in your office, then just even up the neck and cheek lines to keep it presentable. Otherwise, let it fill in on its own.

Know Your Look

From a goatee to a well-trimmed Hemingway, a beard can be molded and shaped into a look for all facial types, personalities, and environments. Once you’ve given it the requisite 4 to 6 weeks to take root, take a step back from the mirror and choose a style that fits well with your lifestyle, job, and overall aesthetic. While growing that beard is a noble and valiant endeavor, it needs to fit in with the rest of your life.

Get the Right Tools

As you prepare for the maintenance phase, some modern technology can make your life significantly easier. With dozens of beard trimmers to choose from, pick one that won’t break the budget, yet one that will still provide all the functions and features you need. Some are cordless, and some are waterproof with adjustable lengths. Whatever you decide, remember that finding the right trimmer can be key to a successful look.

Keep Your Beard Maintained and Healthy

After your beard has been given room to grow, and after you’ve chosen a look and are now armed with an appropriate trimmer, make sure to give it a trim once or twice a week to maintain a well-groomed look. Grooming your beard will help to stimulate its growth and, thus, maintain the health of your beard.

Keep It Clean

As distasteful as it might seem, getting food trapped in your beard, even a small amount, is an absolute inevitability. For that reason, washing your face and beard is essential. Rather than using a facial soap, though, try using artnaturals beard wash and conditioner. Not only will a beard wash clean your beard but it will also exfoliate your skin, washing away skin cells and other unsavory residues. Following your beard wash, you can gently pat it with a towel; but, for the most part, letting it air dry will prevent your beard from getting excessively frizzy or untamed.

Use Beard Oil: Your Secret Weapon

Dry and arid environments have a way of leaving your beard with a brittle, unhealthy, and uncomfortable feel. For good measure, no matter the climate, using artnaturals beard oil can do nothing but good for you and that good-looking beard. The right beard oil will not only give your beard a subtle yet attractive smell but also will keep it soft and manageable.

Make a Beard Comb a Close Friend

Keeping a comb on hand at all times will help maintain that clean and handsome look. Throughout your day, take the time to gently run a comb or brush through your beard. It doesn’t have to be too involved, just a few seconds of maintenance, and your beard will stay neat and well-trained.

Using a Little Pomade Goes a Long Way

Aside from the right beard oil, having a light and soft beard sculpting product (such as pomade or beard cream) can give your beard just a bit more manageability, especially if it tends to be a bit on the wiry side. Of course, if you keep your beard shorter than a half-inch, even a thicker product won’t do much good for keeping that hair manageable. However, if a bushier beard is more to your liking, one of these sculpting products, such as our beard balm, can really help you keep your beard in check.

Know Your Limitations

Remember to keep things realistic. If you simply lack the natural thickness to successfully pull off that mountain man look, reevaluate your goals and aim for a look that is more reasonable. If a chin beard is all that nature has given you, then make the best chin beard you can. Stay within your limits and strive for a look that suits you well.

Growing a healthy beard doesn’t have to be complicated or pain-staking. As a matter of fact, aside from what nature has provided you, a good diet, a little beard oil, a trimmer, comb, and a simple beard wash are more than enough to set you on a path to success. Just be patient and let nature work its wonders, and get everything you need for a full, well-tamed beard on our website!

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