3 Green Alternatives to the Most Awful Products in Your Home

3 Green Alternatives to the Most Awful Products in Your Home

Now, more than ever, going green is an important goal for many households. Of course, sometimes life has a tricky way of barring our efforts when it comes to convenience, cost and accessibility.

Especially when it comes to home and personal care products where efficacy is non-negotiable. When you have a busy household, keeping everyone happy, healthy, comfortable AND living green can seem downright impossible.

The truth of the matter is you probably have some environmentally awful products lurking in your cabinets right now. The good news is that with the rise of natural eco-friendly online retailers, getting your hands on quality green products for your home and body has never been easier.

If you’ve been using bath & body products with microbeads, traditional air fresheners or mineral oil, drop them now. Try these 3 green alternatives instead that are eco-friendly— and more friendly for your body too!

Fossil Fuels Are Anything But Green: Ditch Mineral Oil For Good!

We all know fossil fuels are bad for the environment, but just how bad, what exactly fossil fuels are, and what that has to do with mineral oil are all questions you may be wondering about. We’ll tackle this one question at a time, because it’s that vital for green living.

What exactly are fossil fuels?

Coal, petroleum and natural gas are the three main types of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are so named because they’re energy sources derived from carbon-rich fossilized ancient organisms and plants from a very specific time period known as the Carboniferous Period.

While fossil fuels are natural substances, they are extremely difficult to access for practical use, and are not a renewable resource— once they’re gone, they’re gone.

How bad are fossil fuels for the environment?

When it comes to going green, fossil fuels are one of the most environmentally damaging products and the most difficult to avoid in daily life. Almost every facet of the fossil fuel industry takes an enormous toll on the planet.

Just getting to oil, gas and coal deposits via mining, processing and transporting the deposits above ground results in severe land degradation. Acid runoff, oil spills/leaks, and toxin-laden wastewater from mining operations all contribute to water pollution the world over.

Is Mineral Oil Green? No: It’s a Fossil Fuel

coffee scrub and salt scrub

Say No to Plastic Microbeads, Go Green with Natural Scrubs

Microbeads seem like innocuous little things that just make your body scrub more scrubb-y, right? Wrong. The tiny pieces of plastic previously found in everything from personal care products, cosmetics, and detergents are actually harmful pollutants.

So harmful, in fact that the United States government passed a bill making microbeads illegal in 2015. This green law began prohibiting manufacturing products with microbeads starting July 1, 2017 and phasing out all sales of these products through 2019.

Why make the switch now, while buying microbead products is still technically allowed? Because the microbead environmental impact is severe and contributing to it is completely unnecessary, especially when it comes to exfoliating.

There are so many green ways to exfoliate that it’s mind-boggling that microbeads ever invaded product shelves so thoroughly. Sea shells, coffee grounds, walnut shells, crushed seeds, sea salt, and sugar crystals are all biodegradable ingredients in green body scrubs that safely and effectively exfoliate skin.

Breathing Green with Pure Natural Air Fresheners

You may have heard the controversy about a certain, very popular plug-in air freshener brand releasing toxic chemicals. The chemicals at the center of the controversy are phthalates (pronounced tha-lates) a type of plasticizer actually common in many products.

Phthalates in air fresheners are particularly unpalatable for anyone trying to work towards a green home. Traditional air fresheners typically include synthetic fragrances which are significant phthalate culprits.

Simply trying to freshen your home can result in phthalates dispersed throughout where they can easily enter the bloodstream via inhalation and absorption. This is concerning because phthalates are known to alter hormone levels, cause birth defects, reproductive harm and may be linked to allergic symptoms and asthma as well.

The bottom line is, for a healthier lifestyle, it’s best to limit exposure to products with synthetic fragrances. The good news is there is a totally natural, green way make your house smell great and ditch traditional air fresheners once and for all.

Not only is diffusing essential oils a great green air freshening option, they’re also excellent natural aromatics to add to your beauty and skin care routine. Roll-on aromatherapy essential oil blends, for example, are great green personal fragrance options— and so convenient for travel!

What Green Changes Will You Make?




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