4 Simple Self-Care and Preventative Tips for Men

4 Simple Self-Care and Preventative Tips for Men

In the U.S. June is celebrated as National Men’s Health Awareness Month, but “Movember” is a word-wide men’s health movement. Founded by two friends in Melbourne, the Movember Foundation was born from the simple idea to grow out mustaches to create awareness for men’s health issues.

What seemed like a quirky “no-shaving” idea, named after a portmanteau of  “Mo” (a nickname for mustache) and November, quickly grew to legitimate movement, raising $921,044 in its second year. Since 2003 the Movember Foundation raising over 710 million dollars to help stop men from dying young and boasts 5,232,625 participants called “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas.”

In particular, the Movember Foundation hopes to increase awareness about prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health and suicide prevention. One reason men are dying prematurely from cancer is simply lack of regular checkups.

Testicular cancer, in particular is very treatable if caught in the early stages. This Movember, encourage the special men in your life follow these 4 simple steps to make sure everything is and remains in working order:

Movember Men’s Health Checklist

Perform a Monthly Self-Exam

Performing monthly self-exams for testicular cancer helps catch it early when it’s most treatable. This one simple step can help lower testicular cancer fatality. In fact, testicular cancer is 96% curable if detected early.

Go in For Regular Checkups

Seeing your doctor regularly will ensure that if there is something going on, it’ll likely be caught in the early stages, especially when it comes to prostate issues. Increasing the probability of something being diagnosed and treated swiftly is always a good thing.

Learn About Your Family History

Knowing the diseases and risks that run in your family (if any) is always smart. Complications tend to be passed along through genetics, so if you know someone in your family has a history of cancer or any diseases, mention it to your doctor when you go for a check up!

Don’t Smoke & Cut Back on Drinking

Drinking and smoking both increase your risk of contracting harmful cancers and diseases. Talk to your doctor about simple steps to quit smoking and reducing your alcohol intake to benefit your health.

As the Movember movement continues to grow, millions of men around the world are joining in on the shave-less month to raise money for men’s health charities. Support someone you know who’s growing a Mo with premium mustache & beard care, or share these simple health tips with the men in your life.

You can learn more about Movember and the many ways to get involved by visiting the Movember Foundation online.

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