7 DIY winter scents for your home

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    When the weather outside is frosty, why not warm up your home with soothing scent?  Winter is the perfect season to fire up your essential oil diffuser. Here are our top picks for easy DIY recipes to create an aromatic ambiance of cozy comfort.

    Banish Winter Blues

    Uplift your senses with this cheery citrus, mint, and woodsy combo to brighten even your chilliest mood.

    Breathe Better

    Indoor winter air can be drying.  Inhale this invigorating blend to moisten nasal passages and help you breathe easier

    Fireside Blend

    Even if you don’t have a fireplace to keep you cozy, this warm, energizing blend will get your winter mojo going.

     Be Well Blend

    Want to winter-proof your wellness and detox your defenses? All you need is this germ-busting blend that smells divine.

    Christmas Forever

    If you love the scent of Christmas all year long, try this blend of woodsy, cheerful scents to revive your holiday spirit.

    Winter Fruit

    Cool, crisp and refreshing,  like summer fruit on a winter’s day.  This blend is like a breath of fresh air to warm your mood.

    Winter Cheer

    A happiness blend to make you smile, with a minty, citrus, woodsy scent.  Ideal as a cold weather warm up for your soul.