7-Step Routine to an Acne-Free Face for the Busy Person

7-Step Routine to an Acne-Free Face for the Busy Person

Life gets busy between your work, family, classes, and social life. The stress of a busy life can affect your health, and sometimes your skin ends up paying the price. It may seem that no matter how hard you try to avoid it, acne manages to creep into your life and to take over before you have time to prevent the problem. Thankfully, there are some pretty amazing acne serums and prevention methods that make acne care a little more simple. Fixing the problem is just a matter of creating the right routine and squeezing in a little time to use the right products. Take a look at this seven-step routine that was written to simplify acne care for the busy person.

1. Cleanse your face.

Cleansing your face is the most important step, and there's no way around it. If you want to keep acne at bay, you must keep the dirt, grit, and makeup from clogging up your pores. Think of your skin as a plant. If a plant becomes coated in a layer of grease and grime and stays that way for an extended period, the plant will start to yellow, blister, and even die. Just like a plant, your skin has pores that must be clean and clear to keep your skin healthy. If there is one thing that you must do to maintain an acne-free face, it is to cleanse your skin every day. Just make sure you use a naturally produced cleanser with a low percentage of salicylic acid to prevent drying your skin.

2. Exfoliate your skin.

Cleansing alone is not always enough to slough away dead skin cells and keep your skin truly clean. So, it's always a good idea to add some gentle exfoliation to your skin care routine to prevent clogged pores. Also, if you invest in a good facial scrubbing brush or sponge that you can use along with your daily cleanser, then you can combine cleansing and exfoliating into one quick step.

3. Skip the squeezing.

When a zit pops up on your face, we know your first inclination is to start squeezing at it. This is a hard habit to break because, for many, it seem like the natural thing to do — but squeezing pimples, blackheads, and bumps often just exacerbate the problems. Squeezing can spread germs and bacteria and can inflame your pores. Essentially, it can cause a small problem to become even bigger and more noticeable.

4. Use a good acne serum.

Instead of squeezing, it is best to use a good acne serum to alleviate your problems. Acne serums with natural ingredients are an excellent way to quickly dab zits and problem areas when you are on the go. Serums are usually small in size, and, so, can be stored anywhere. And some of the better serums are not just good for dabbing on pimples and blackheads but are also good for helping to relieve skin inflammation and oiliness. If you do slip up and start squeezing again, you can easily grab some serum and immediately dab it on the area so that the telltale redness and swelling will not be so noticeable.

5. Protect yourself with sun block.

When you're often on the go, you can easily forget to put on your sun protection. It's no big secret that the sun's dangerous UV rays can cause serious damage — everything from premature wrinkles to skin cancer. Too much sun can also create serious problems for people with acne. Sunrays can zap your skin of its natural oils, change the size of your pores, and even cause inflammation, all of which are contributing factors to the spread of acne. So, to avoid these problems, either invest in a toner that offers SPF protection and that can be worn under your makeup or make sure your foundation offers some degree of SPF sun protection.

6. Forget the complicated stuff.

That cabinet in your bathroom, which is crammed with skin care products, can easily be trimmed down to a few basic products that are much easier to handle when life keeps you busy. There's no need for a lot of complicated skin care routines that involve a multitude of products. There are really only 4 basic necessities:

  1. cleanser
  2. moisturizer
  3. sunscreen
  4. repairing serum

That's pretty much it. The other stuff can be fun to use when you have the time. And there will always be those products that come along that you love so much and, so, want to use every day. However, when you've had a long day, these four basics will be all that you need.

7. Treat problem areas early.

Dark spots, scars, and residual irritation from breakouts need to be tended to daily if you want to see them diminish faster. Make sure to apply spot- or scar-fading cream to any stubborn areas that need a little more attention to even out your skin tone. Remember, the earlier you start treating a scar, the better. Scars that are treated right away are much less likely to leave a permanent mark.

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