7 Empowering Tips Every Mom Needs to Know

7 Empowering Tips Every Mom Needs to Know

Motherhood means having all of life’s responsibilities, plus keeping another human happy and healthy! Here are 7 tips to empower you, and make this whole parenting thing a bit more manageable!

Invest in yourself

Our kids might not always listen to what we’re saying, but they’re always watching. Teach your children to be driven by having and working towards your own goals—never stop learning, growing, and celebrating successes with your family.

Don’t give up

Remember the times you’ve wanted to give up, but didn’t? Sometimes the urge to give up seems like a daily struggle. Remind yourself of the times you’ve made the impossible possible. Every day you wake and try again, you become a little stronger. There are times you will want to give up again,  but you’ve got this—don’t miss your opportunity to shine!

Turn off (or tune out) your inner critic

When you catch that inner voice bad mouthing you, ask, “What would my best friend say if I told her these thoughts?” Or, “what would I tell my daughter if she felt this way?” Seeing yourself through the eyes of a loved one will help you practice self compassion.

Stock up on the goods

Write down a daily gratitude list or good moment. If something happened to make you smile or laugh, put it down in a journal or on your phone. Our brains have a tendency to hang onto hardships and worries, so take a moment to remember the good stuff. You can look back on these notes whenever you need a pick me up – which we could all benefit from!


Take some YOU time

We know... who has time for herself?! You start at sun up (often times way before) and stop when the baby goes down (most of the time way after). But creating some time solely dedicated to honoring YOU is so important. Whether it be a day at the spa or a 10 minute shower alone, time taken for yourself will help you get through another never ending day without feeling defeated.

Ask for (and accept) help

Mothers don’t have to do it all – nor should they try. Don’t burn out, even if it means not having things done exactly as we would do it. Relinquishing some control can be the difference between juggling it all and a full blown mama meltdown! We’ve all heard the saying, “it takes a village,” but are we utilizing that village?

Stop comparing

No two mothers (or children) are the same. Absolutely admire and talk to other mothers about how they keep track of their schedule, or how they perfected that mac and cheese... but don’t go down the rabbit hole of despair because your child won’t eat anything but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this week.


You’re doing your best, mama! We believe in you. Believe in yourself too.


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