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Buying Dead Sea Mud? Here Are 6 Ways You Can Use Them

When noting the benefits of natural beauty products, it’s hard to find a product with more versatile uses than Dead Sea mud. Harvested from the Dead Sea banks, this mud is borne of thousands of years of silt washing down

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The Sensitive Skin Debate: Which Essential Oils Do and Don't Work?

If you have sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find the right products that will provide you with benefits that will not cause you to breakout. You have to be very careful with what you put on your skin.

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Guide to Natural Bath and Beauty Products

What are Natural Bath and Beauty Products? Natural bath and beauty products use ingredients from plants and other natural sources to achieve beneficial results for hair and body care. Good natural products are made with high-quality oils, butters, and essential oils

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Treat Acne and Blemishes with Clear Skin Drying lotion

Clear Skin Drying Lotion is a great product for people with oily skin. It’s designed to clear up acne, clogged pores, age spots, and blemishes. It is especially useful for breakthrough oiliness that can destroy your makeup a few hours

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8 Hair Growth Myths And Why You Shouldn't Fall for Them

We all have heard the myths about how to quickly grow your hair – eat these foods, skip the blow dryer, don’t wear a ponytail, blast your hair with cold water, and so on. But most of these tales are

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8 Benefits of Shea Butter Shampoo for Your Dry Hair

If you are constantly looking for a moisturizing shampoo that can tame your dry, frizzy hair, you should try a shea butter shampoo. Shea butter, for decades, has been used as a natural conditioner. It is known for its ability

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7-Step Routine to an Acne-Free Face for the Busy Person

Life gets busy between your work, family, classes, and social life. The stress of a busy life can affect your health, and sometimes your skin ends up paying the price. It may seem that no matter how hard you try

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7 Interesting Facts About Coffee That You May Not Know

Mmm coffee — you drink it every day, but what do you really know about it? Take a break from your daily grind, and check out these seven interesting facts about everyone’s favorite, soul-warming beverage. 7 Stimulating Facts About Coffee A coffee

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