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How and Why You Should Use Hair Conditioner

We're exposed to a wide variety of chemicals, toxins and other airborne particles as we go about our daily lives. Fortunately, with strong immune systems, our bodies filter out toxins and stay healthy. Our hair, given its anatomy and structure,

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Guide to Argan Oil Haircare

Plants are some of the most precious commodities found in nature, and the argan tree is no exception. Commonly grown in Morocco, the argan tree's kernels produce argan oil—a popular, healthy way to care for your skin versus using chemically

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Essential Oils Extraction: Cold Press Method

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years to naturally and holistically enhance health, beauty, and wellness--and that’s no surprise, considering how beneficial they are for your mind and body. People use essential oils to relieve stress and pain,

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Your Complete Guide on Patchouli Oil

One person's odor is another's aroma, and no matter how pungent a smell is, it's almost certainly useful. This is especially true of patchouli oil, one of the most useful essential oils with one of the strongest smells. Humans have

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Lemon Oil Benefits and Usage

When you think of lemon essential oil, you’re likely to reminisce about its fresh, invigorating scent. Lemon, commonly occurring in supplements as limonene, is a safe, all-natural ingredient used to improve your mental and physical well-being. Essential oils, like limonene,

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Guide to Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is one of the most critically acclaimed oils in the world of essential oils. It’s obtained from several Boswellia tree species and serves as a perfume, skin purifier and even a tea component. Frankincense is popular for good reason.

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The Best DIY Christmas Candle Recipes

Take your Christmas décor to the next level! Try out some of the Best DIY Christmas Candle Recipes via Pinterest. Your home will look and smell amazing and make a great gift.   Christmas time is here! Bring out the

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How to Get a Natural Energy Boost

It is really easy to get tired and run down throughout the week, making it hard to get up in the morning. In order to help you reach your greatest potential without all the caffeine and sugary energy drinks, here

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