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Summer Skin Care 101: 6 All-Natural Tips You Need to Know

Summer skin care is all about protecting your skin from harsh elements that leave your skin looking dull, dehydrated, and just plain old. Choosing the right products to make every summer your best-summer-ever can be difficult. Many drugstore summer skin

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Best Castor Oil Uses Head to Toe: 3 DIY Massage Oils

Get glowing from head-to-toe with all the info you need about castor oil below, plus 3 amazing DIY massage oils that will transform your beauty routine. Castor oil is the hottest new natural beauty trend you might not have heard

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Eucalyptus Oil Guide + 5 Weird Eucalyptus Facts You Never Knew

If you’ve ever had a stuffy nose or cough, you’ve probably used over-the-counter remedies with eucalyptus oil in them. Eucalyptus oil is often used in cold and congestion products to help get you through the sniffles, but you may be

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Yoga & Aromatherapy: Interview with Red Diamond Yoga Founder Sheryl Utal

While there are many seemingly silly holidays that are recognized every day on social media, there are only a few (besides National Donut Day) that are actually worth celebrating. The next time you pick a mid-year celebration to partake in,

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Clear Winter Blend DIY

Keep the holiday cheer going with this cooling blend that is sure to be enjoyed by both friend's and family alike!    For this DIY, you will need: 2 drops of Peppermint Oil 2 drops of Lemongrass Oil 1 drop of Cinnamon Oil Directions: Add oils to

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Girlfriend's Guide to Cleaning Your Diffuser

Using a diffuser is a great way to reap the benefits of essential oils while keeping your room or office smelling like a gorgeous jungalow. However, neglecting to clean your diffuser can actually work against you and can be pretty harmful

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5 Unconventional Dishes You Need for Friendsgiving

When you think of Thanksgiving, you think comfort food, right? Fluffy mashed potatoes, decadent pies and brownies, and can’t forget the stuffing! But who said comfort food couldn’t be a little healthy? We reached out to our favorite foodies and bloggers

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4 Simple Self-Care and Preventative Tips for Men

November is widely recognized as Men’s Health Awareness Month or “Movember” a movement to make men (and women) more aware of testicular cancer. While it is an uncommon disease, according to the American Cancer Society, this year more than half

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