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History of the Beard

The Hair of Your Chinny-Chin-Chin From ancient Greeks to lumbersexuals, beards have a history “Today, beards are everywhere…our ancient ancestors would be bristling with pride.”   By Janis Hashe   Anthropologists tell us that facial hair, including beard and stache, is a “vestigal trait” from when

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Men and Aging

The Skinny on Men’s Skin Don’t want to look like the Mummy? Some simple solutions. “The same three daily steps apply to both men’s and women’s skincare: Clean, Tone, and Moisturize.”   By Janis Hashe   “Live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse.” — Usually

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Foods Men Love

Healthy eating is easier than you think “Gradually adding healthy foods to your regular diet is much more successful for most men than going cold turkey on the fries and corndogs.” By Janis Hashe   First, the bad news: Those SuperSized Triple Bacon Cheeseburgers

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Optimal Skin Care Through the Ages — Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s

Taking care of your skin is a full-time job. What makes it even tougher is the fact that your skin — like the rest of your body — is always changing. To keep your skin beautiful and glowing in your

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Lip Balm Infused With Jojoba Could Be Your Solution to Dry and Cracked Lips

Lip Balm Infused With Jojoba Could Be Your Solution to Dry and Cracked Lips Chapped lips can be a huge problem for some. Whether it’s due to the quality of the air, to allergies, or to overuse of the wrong lip

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How to Use Castor Oil to Quickly Grow Your Hair

If you’ve noticed your hair thinning or are experiencing hair loss and have yet to find a product that helps alleviate or reverse the problem, know that there are other options available. Castor oil is an affordable, natural product that

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How to Care for Your Lips 101

How to Care for Your Lips 101 Your lips smile, kiss, speak, and pout — and are a very beautiful part of you. The skin on your lips is much more delicate and thin than the skin on other parts of

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Healthy and Attractive Feet for Life!

Many of us only think about the appearance of our feet, but don’t think about the twenty-six bones and thirty-three joints that make each of our feet such a complex part of our musculoskeletal system. However, practicing good foot health and

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