7 Deadly Sins Of Skin Care And How To Avoid Them

7 Deadly Sins Of Skin Care And How To Avoid Them


Who doesn’t love basking at the beach or lounging by the pool? Embracing the warm glow of the sun just says summer like nothing else and makes you feel like a kid again.  You know what doesn’t make you feel like a kid again? Wrinkles and sun damage and brown spots. Yikes! The sun is your skin’s frenemy and you can’t trust her no matter how fun and glowy she seems at first.  That’s why sunscreen is your skin’s BFF. Sunscreen puts your needs first. So grab your sunscreen pal for protection before you hit the pool or head for the beach. Like any true friend, she’s always got your back.  And your front too, for that matter. And with our portable sunscreen sticks, you can take your sunblock to go, wherever you go.


Some days you just wanna party like it’s 1999, or 2009, or whatever your favorite party year happens to be.   Hey, we’re all for riding the fun train wherever it takes you, but don’t go taking a hydration vacation. Seriously, just don’t.  This is crucial when you’ve been drowning in cocktails and your skin is crying out for moisture. Hydration works best when it’s a one-two punch.  Meaning, drink your 8 or so glasses of water a day, especially after a few too many Happy Hours, but don’t skimp on the skin soothing serum as well.  We’ve got a great hydration sensation serum made from natural Hyaluronic Acid that will drench your thirsty skin with healing moisture. So go get your double dose of hydration inside and out, and party on!

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They say that beauty is more than skin deep.  So true. It’s what you radiate from the inside that makes you the natural beauty you are.  But it’s hard to radiate any kind of glow, when your trusty skincare products are just hanging out on top of your skin like they’re on permanent break.  You’re paying for all these pretty products, so put them to work! First, you need to get all that pore-clogging gunk off your skin surface pronto, so your serums, creams, and oils can get back to work and give you that gorgeous glow.  Enter the ex-factor. Exfoliation is the secret ingredient to youthful, dewy skin and every girl needs a good ex to turn to, right? The easiest way to exfoliate is with our naturally exfoliating sponge set that gives you one sponge to buff your skin and one to polish it. It’s a simple step you can add to your daily routine that will make all the difference. Promise.


If you’re like us, you’ve really got the hang of this adulting thing.  Getting plenty of sleep, eating as healthy as you can, and taking those daily beauty vitamins that help your skin and hair get all glowy and showy.  But did you know, your skin needs a daily dose of vitamins from the outside too?  Topically applied Vitamin C is what your skin craves if you want to ditch the brown spots and sun damage and boost your collagen. So treat your skin to a daily beauty boost of  our brightening Vitamin C Serum every morning. It will have you up and glowing in no time!

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We all know your eyes are the windows to your soul, but guess what the windows to your skin are? Your hands!  You can exfoliate and hydrate your way to silky skin and a fresh face, but don’t make the mistake of ignoring your hands. Your age is your little secret, and we promise we’ll never tell, but don’t let your hands tattle on you. So if you want to pass for a Millennial but you’re really a Gen X, handle your hands with kid gloves.  And by kid gloves, we mean deep daily hydration with a natural hand cream. You know what’s even better than a great hand cream to turn back time? Three nourishing hand creams like our healing hand cream trio and a shimmering sunscreen to keep your hands sun proof and looking as youthful as you feel! 


Oh how we love layers.  There’s layer cake. Yum.  Winter layers. Gotta love a cozy scarf.  And then there’s skin layering. Yes, your skin needs to get layered just as much as your wardrobe. If you skip even one layer in your skincare routine, the products just won’t work as well. Bummer. But no worries, we’ll show you how easy it is to fall in love with layering your skin care routine.  Start with a great cleanser like our tingly Tea Tree Face Wash to clean the canvas, so to speak.  Then get your rosy glow going with our Rosewater Toner to make your pores purr and set the stage for our sexy serum trio.  This trio is gonna be your new fave for your go-to glow. Promise. Finish up with our triple hydration sensation to get you all dewy and fresh for whatever comes next!


Does the thought of dousing your face in oil make your skin scream for cream instead?   Relax. Oil can actually be a good friend to your face, whether you have dry, normal, or yes, even oily skin!  Wait, what? It’s true. Jojoba Oil is a multitasking miracle you should definitely put on your skin’s top 10 list.  Jojoba Oil not only softens and soothes all skin types, it actually unclogs oily pores due it’s antibacterial benefits. So don’t shy away from Jojoba just because your face has struck oil.  Jojoba is that rare, non-greasy oil that will give your skin, body, hair and nails, a daily dose of hydration and healing. And that’s an oil that’s worth its weight in gold. Luckily it costs much less!


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