Easing the Struggles of Shaving

Easing the Struggles of Shaving

Our How-to Guide on easing the struggles of shaving.

It seems like more and more people are joining the “no shave November” club. The long sleeves shirts, the sweaters, and pants all hide our hairiness. However, the true beauty of this club is the no shaving part. That means no razor bumps, no ingrown hairs, no razor burn, just no razor struggles period. Every girl knows the struggle that comes with shaving, which makes having smooth legs and perfect bikini line seem impossible.  Here are the best ways to get you through the struggles of shaving, so that this holiday season will be a less hairy one.

The Proper Way to Shave
We all start shaving once we hit puberty. We wing it as we go and try to remember what advice people gave us over the years. It’s not until we nick ourselves and feel that sting that we question if we are really shaving the right way. Before shaving, you should always soak your skin in warm water in order to get some moisture in your skin. The best time to shave is at the end of your shower ritual in order for skin to soften. When beginning to shave start from the ankles up. Now, to shave against the grain or with the grain? The correct answer is a little of both, but when you are shaving sensitive areas, shave with the grain in order to prevent skin irritation from the razor.

Ugh! The Shaving Struggle is Real
Okay, before you get upset because you followed our proper shaving instructions and see that razor burn or razor bumps still came up on your skin, we have another set of suggestions. The truth is, you can do all the right steps on how to shave, but your skin has reactions to many things you put on it. Shaving cream and razora can both can make your skin freak out. Razor bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs are what make shaving such a hassle. This is why so many people turn to waxing and laser hair removal that can be harsh on your skin. People use products that have tons of chemicals in order to ease the pain but that can also run the risk of further irritating your skin. The best way to ease the pain of these post-shaving struggles, without putting tons of chemicals on your skin is to do it the all-natural way. Aloe Vera is a known skin-healing solutions that can help get rid of those pesky bumps and burns. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that also heals your skin from the bumps and nicks that occur. The best thing to use to help aid with ingrown hairs is the Art Naturals Smooth Touch Ingrown Hair Removal Serum. The all-natural ingredients not only get rid of ingrown hairs, but also razor bumps on your legs and your bikini line.

Decreasing your chances of getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs is to make sure your razors are fresh and clean. There is nothing worse than using a razor that is old and dull. Bacteria enter your skin and increase the chance of you nicking yourself in the process. Using the right shaving cream, like one that helps aid sensitive skin and one that does not contain any chemicals that can irritate your skin. The safest thing to do would be to make your own shaving cream! 

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