How to Get Over a Bad Day

How to Get Over a Bad Day

Some of our best tips on how to get over a bad day, the healthy way.

Having a rough day can really get to you. Your stress levels increase, you have a hard time focusing, and all you want to do is get home and cry while eating a pint of ice cream. Although binge eating can make you feel better, it’s not a healthy way to get over a bad day. Here are some better, healthier ways to turn that frown, upside down.

Quality Time Alone
When you had a bad day, you tend to be like a ticking time bomb, waiting to unleash your frustration on something. If you live with a roommate, or a boyfriend, then they are prime targets for you to take out your frustrations on. In order to spare them from your wrath and having an unnecessary fight, find a quiet room and have some alone time. Close the blinds, play some soothing music, turn on your oil diffuser and put a few drops of Lavender oil. Lavender oil relieves stress and anxiety. Take in the calming aroma, listen to the tones of the music, and clear your head.

Venting Session
Alone time is great, but maybe you prefer some company. When you have a bad day, you are looking for comfort, relief, and talking to someone is a great way to unload that heavy weight on your shoulder. Invite a close friend over you haven’t seen in awhile, a sibling, your mom, anyone who is a good listener. Have a glass wine, or make some dinner together and just vent about your bad day. It always feels good to talk through your feelings. Having someone there to listen and give you their advice is very comforting and relieving. You are reminded that you are not alone and that someone cares.

Yoga at Home
After a bad day, you might not feel up to a hardcore workout at the gym surrounded by people. However, exercise is a great way to ease those post bad day frustrations. Take out your yoga mat, put on some comfy yoga clothes, and work on your poses. Controlling your breathing and stretching your body helps blood circulation. This helps balance your body, making you lose that bad mood and be more at ease.

I know having a bad day makes you want to indulge in fatty foods to make you feel better. Pizza, chips, ice cream, burgers….yumm! However, eating unhealthy foods are only comforting for a bit. These salty and sugary foods can make your stomach regret your eating decisions. You will wake up feeling not so great and guilty about your binge. The best thing to do is to eat some healthy foods that stimulate foods like green veggies, turkey breast, oatmeal, and yogurt. These foods are known to stimulate stress relief in your brain. Your stomach will be happy, and so will you.

Have a Laugh
There’s nothing like having a good laugh to get over a bad day. Laughing stimulates blood circulation throughout your body, relaxing muscles, and activates a stress relief response. Pop in a feel good comedy, watch your favorite comedy series, and have a good laugh. You will forget about all about your bad day.

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