Thanksgiving Starter Pack

Thanksgiving Starter Pack

Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet? It’s okay if you are not. We have the perfect, Thanksgiving Starter Pack to get you ready for a night of feasting on delicious turkey! It is finally that time of the year again where we all gather with family and friends, to eat amazing food and give thanks. Whether you are hosting or you are a guest, you need to prepare not only your stomach, but yourself to look your best and feel amazing; especially after stuffing yourself with so much turkey. Here is our Thanksgiving Starter Pack that has everything you need to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner.

Prepare for the Bloating

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, casseroles, pies, and gravy will all make you bloat. You will feel the urge to unbutton your pants, or hide your belly under a blanket to hide the fact that your stomach probably just grew three more sizes. This is just excess bloating from all the sweets and salty food. The best thing to do is bring some herbal tea with you! The best teas to cure bloating is peppermint, ginger, or lemon tea. We added out favorite refresh mint tea from Tazo.

You Can Never go Wrong with Wine

Cupcake Pinot Noir 750 ML

Whether you are hosting or a dinner guest, always bring some wine! Thanksgiving is a special occasion, so wine is essential. Prepare the fancy glasses and pour yourself some Cupcake Pinot Noir wine. It is our personal favorite and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. There is no chance you won’t finish the bottle by the end of the night.

Picture Perfect


Get into the holiday spirit and bring a camera for some pictures with family and friends! Sure, you can use your camera phone, but because this evening is so special it needs to be documented with more than just selfies. This Fujifilm Polaroid camera is perfect, and super cute, to take special group pictures that you can later hang on your wall at home.

Watch for the Shine


Eating so much meat like ham and turkey makes your skin extra oily, which means packing a powdered cover up is necessary. You don’t want to look overly shiny in your cute Polaroid pics! We picked the Cover Fx Matte Setting Powder because it takes away that unwanted shine, and helps your foundation last all night.

Refresh Your Face

After spending the whole day slaving over a hot kitchen, or running around getting ready to make it on time to dinner, your skin needs a little pick me up. The Art Naturals Vitamin C Facial Toner is perfect to spritz on your face to wake up your skin and feel refreshed and ready to eat. Plus, it is made with all natural, organic ingredients so you’re not adding any harsh chemicals to our face.

Touch Up Your Lips


After eating so much food and drinking your wine, it is inevitable that your lipstick is bound to rub off. Pack a lipstick with you to make sure that your lips stay on point for pictures! The Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in medium brown gives you an autumn warm, pigmented shade that hydrates your lips while still giving you that matte effect.

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