The Best DIY Christmas Candle Recipes

The Best DIY Christmas Candle Recipes

Take your Christmas décor to the next level! Try out some of the Best DIY Christmas Candle Recipes via Pinterest. Your home will look and smell amazing and make a great gift.   Christmas time is here! Bring out the Christmas Trees, the ornaments, the garland, the wreaths, and Christmas music. Decorating is a great way to bring you into the Christmas spirit, but what’s even better is dipping your toes in creativity and creating your own decorations. Candles are perfect for the winter, but store-bought candles sometimes tend to contain harmful chemicals for people sensitive to perfumes. Instead of overpaying for candles at the store, make your own! They are easy to make and will not have mystery chemicals that may irritate your nose. Here are the Best DIY Christmas Recipes via Pinterest that are so easy to follow!


Beeswax for Christmas  

For those who have never made a Christmas candle before, this is the recipe for you. It is simple and easy to follow. A great starting point for beginner creators. This recipe features how to make a batch of small beeswax candles as a gift that you can personalize yourself. Feel free to add your favorite essential oil for a scent!

Pinecone and Soy

If you love the more rustic, outdoor smells of winter, then you would love this Christmas candle recipe. This recipe features how to make a pinecone scented candle using soy wax. This candle will keep your home smelling like a pine even after your Christmas Tree’s scent fades. This recipe also includes a cute way to package your candles!


Cookie Cutter Candles

This is a great recipe to try out with kids! Pick out cute Christmas cookie cutter shapes and make different color Christmas candles that will be fun to decorate the house.


Gotta Have Hot Cocoa

What’s Christmas without some hot cocoa? This recipe is a little more complicated, but it is so worth it! This hot cocoa Christmas candle recipe is the perfect way to enjoy the aroma of hot cocoa all day.

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