The Best DIY Lip Balm Recipes

The Best DIY Lip Balm Recipes

I love Pinterest, don’t you? Read up on our favorite DIY Lip Balm recipes via Pinterest. Try them out and keep your lips hydrated this holiday season! 

With the cold weather already amongst us, that means dry skin and dry lips. Instead of spending money on buying one small tube of lip balm, make your own! We decided to share our Pinterest obsession with you and give you the Best DIY Lip Balm Recipes on Pinterest.

The Best Recipe for Beginners

If you have never gotten in touch with your creative side, this recipe is perfect for you to try. It is really easy to follow and only needs 3 ingredients. Plus, you can easily add some of our essential oils to your lip balms like Peppermint oil or Lavender oil to add extra care and sent to your lips!


Get Smart and Recycle!

This lip balm recipe is so great and clever because it shows you how to turn your unwanted lipsticks and powdery blushes into a cute, tinted lip balm. Your lips will be moist and have some color in them, sounds like a win-win!


Add Some Gloss

You don’t need to splurge on fancy lip glosses and tinted lip balms when you can follow this easy recipe that will keep your lips moist and glossy. It is so easy to follow and you can add some essential oils to make it even more therapeutic for your lips. 

Play With Flavors

Once you have mastered the lip balm-making technique, start playing with some of your favorite flavors. If you love a nice glass of lemonade, then you will love this recipe. Plus, all the pictures are so pretty to look at!



Get into the Holiday Spirit

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, make some lip balm to get you into the holiday spirit. This mint chocolate lip balm recipe with Peppermint oil will make your lips tasty and fresh!

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