The Correct Way to Use a Hair Brush

The Correct Way to Use a Hair Brush

Our guide on the right way to use a hair brush to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Brushing your hair is crucial to your hair’s health. Brushing daily helps keep your scalp clean, keeps your hair shiny, and keeps your hair voluminous. However, not using that hair brush correctly could be really damaging. Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, we have all had frustrating times with our hair brush. We aggressively detangle and brush a million times hoping that our hair will just magically look like we just came out of the salon. We are here to kick those bad hair brush habits out and show you the right way to work that brush!

Wait! Don’t Brush that Wet Hair
I know, crazy right! But brushing your hair when you come straight out of the shower is actually bad for your hair. When you work that hair brush into your wet hair, it is prone to causing breakage and hair fallout. The reason it does that is because your hair strands are more fragile when wet. The best thing to do when you come out of the shower is to detangle, not brush. 

Detangle Properly

There is a difference between brushing and detangling your hair. When you detangleyour hair, you are getting rid of any knots and ratted hair. This is the pre-brush step. You can detangle when your hair is wet or dry, but make sure to use the proper brushing tool, like the Art Naturals Detangling Brush. This hair brush is made to specifically take out any knots in your hair without causing harsh tearing, or painful tugging of your hair. When you are preparing to use the Detangling brush, make sure to use a conditioning oil, like coconut oil, to help make your hair easier to detangle.

Started from the Bottom
You are finally ready to brush. Like most things in life, you don’t start at the top. That also applies to brushing your hair. You should always brush from the bottom and then work your way to the top of your hair. It may feel weird at first but brushing from the bottom helps you rid of any tangles you may have missed before and make your hair less prone to damage. Use a brush with natural bristles, making it easier on your hair and then separate your hair into sections. Then finish off with a few hair brush strokes from the top, down to get in those natural oils from your scalp into the rest of your hair.

Keep Calm and Don’t Over Brush
You remember those girls with perfect hair in the movies, counting to 100 brush strokes? Don’t be fooled. Brushing your hair 100 times will not give you perfect hair. In fact, over brushing is really damaging to your hair. Over brushing can cause split ends and breakage due to the constant friction that your hair simply can’t handle. You should brush your hair as needed, three times a day, to keep your hair conditioned and strong.

A Clean Brush is a Happy Brush
Your hair brush gets built up hair and product every time you use it. If you do not clean your hair brush, you are putting that old hair oil you used a couple days ago, back into your hair. Yuck! Make sure you clean out any hair trapped in your brush and wash your brush with soapy, hot water. This will keep your brush and your scalp clean.

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