What is rose water toner and how can it revitalize your skin?

What is rose water toner and how can it revitalize your skin?

Rose water toner is one of the best products you can add to your skin care routine. It is an extraordinarily gentle facial cleanser, made through a delicate process of steeping rose petals in distilled water. The water goes through a method of steam distillation, and, in the final distillation, the rose water is extracted. Out of this process comes what is considered the most gentle astringent you can use on your skin. Rose water toner is superior to witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, or any other astringent.

Rose water toner’s primary uses are, first, to clean dirt and oil that your facial cleanser leaves behind and, second, to constrict the pores on your face. In these ways, it protects, restores, and moisturizes your skin, as well as balances the pH levels of your skin, reducing breakouts and preventing any prolonged dryness. However, this toner has numerous benefits. Here is a list of some of these:

Combats Acne and Eczema

When you use rose water toner, you can look forward to clearer skin and fewer breakouts, as well as fewer bouts of eczema. This is because rose water toner actually helps to clear away dead skin cells and unclog pores. Your pores can clog up long before you notice blackheads. The blackness of the blackhead is dirt, which might not appear for days after the pore becomes clogged. With regular use of rose water toner, you never have to suffer from blackheads again, because you’ll clear away the clogs before they ever make an appearance.


Rose water toner revitalizes your skin. Because it is made with the rose petal through the same process that rose oil is made, it delivers many of the benefits of rose oil, including the regeneration and firming of the skin. It’s gentle enough to use directly on the skin, and carries with it the pleasant and familiar aroma of fresh roses.

Keeps Wrinkles at Bay

Regular use of rose water toner helps to minimize the appearance of crow’s feet and other wrinkles around the face. It’s firming properties help to smoothen the skin, which not only helps to make existing wrinkles less visible but also works to keep new wrinkles from forming.

Heals Shallow Cuts and Scratches

Rose water toner has anti-bacterial properties, too. When your skin’s surface is breached with a shallow cut or scratch, rose water toner is gentle and will not cause burning or discomfort. The toner fights bacteria and helps keep the area clean so the skin can heal faster.

Cools the Skin

In warmer months, or during the hot flashes of menopause, your skin can become uncomfortably warm. This can cause flushing and, if it’s chronic, broken capillaries. Rose water toner effectively cools the skin as it evaporates into the air. The results are nearly instantaneous.

Regenerates Skin

Since rose water toner has antioxidant properties, it helps strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue.

Treats Dandruff

Rose water toner can be used to treat mild cases of dandruff or dry scalp. If the dandruff is caused by any kind of infection, this toner will be very effective at ending the symptoms and healing the scalp.

How to Use Rose Water Toner

Rose water toner is easy to use, and it can be used in many different ways. Here are just a few of those ways:

  • Apply it to your face with a cotton ball: Immediately after you wash your face, saturate a clean cotton ball with the toner. Gently dab all over, including under your chin and on your neck.
  • Make a body spray: Pour the rose oil toner into a small spray bottle. Spritz on skin whenever you need to refresh yourself with the aromatic scent of roses, or when skin is overheated from the sun or hot flashes. Don’t worry if you accidentally spray on clothing. This toner won’t stain fabrics.
  • Add it to your moisturizing cream: You can add a few drops of this toner to your regular moisturizer to gain the added benefits.
  • Use it to treat acne: If you have a breakout that you need to get rid of as soon as possible, you can spot treat it with some rose water toner. Just insert a clean cotton swab into the bottle of toner until the cotton is saturated. Dab it on the breakout repeatedly throughout the day. When you get up the next morning, the breakout will be gone or on its way out. Even if you can still see the breakout a little, the toner will have brought down the inflammation and reduced its redness.
  • Add it to your face mask: If you enjoy using facial masks, you can safely add rose water toner to the mask so you get that pleasing rose scent as well as the enriching, firming, and anti-inflammatory benefits of rose water.

Many people are in dark about the uses and benefits of rose water toner. In fact, many know little about toner itself. Unfortunately, toner is that extra step in skin care that many people skip. After cleansing the face with soup, dirt and oil are left behind. It is the job of a good toner, such as rose water toner, to remove that remaining dirt and oil. An excellent toner can truly make the difference between “just okay” skin and outstanding skin. The best thing about soothing rose water toner is how gentle it is. You can use it multiple times each day, and it will never dry out your skin or cause irritation. Rose water toner will take your skin to the next level of healthy and rosy.

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