Bath Bombs_ Fancy and Well Worth Indulgence​

<p>If you haven’t experienced the pure joy of bath bombs, it’s time you have.... bath & body,beauty 0

If you haven’t experienced the pure joy of bath bombs, it’s time you have. They’re a fancy product, totally worth it, and not that costly. Many are downright cheap. Indulging in bath bomb aromatherapy transforms an ordinary bath into a spa therapy session. The effervescent bubbles that rush forth from the little balls of bliss the instant one hits the bath water are fun, fun, fun. Watch them spin and fizz in the bath water—a burst of nature’s best in the privacy of your home. Soak for minutes while the benefits last for hours. Steal away twenty minutes from your busy life and slide into the tub.

What are Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are filled with hydrating virgin Shea and coconut butter with no added colors or fragrance. They’re infused with therapeutic essential oils, sea clay and vitamin E to nourish and heal your skin.

The Perfect Gift Idea

Bath bombs make the perfect gift. Who doesn’t love taking a luxurious, all natural bath? It’s good for your mind, body and soul, and a blissful experience you can indulge in thrice a week. Why go to an expensive spa when you can turn your bathroom into your private and lovely spa experience?

How to Use the Product

It’s easy like Sunday morning. When the tub is about halfway full, drop the bomb and watch that baby take off. The bubbly, effervescent and fizzy popping bursts forth with the energy of a dozen post-nap toddlers. Feel free to get into the tub before the bomb has fully dissolved in the water. So, grab a box for you, your loved ones, a friend, your boss, or anyone on your holiday gift list. Bath Bombs will quickly become a favorite part of your beauty regimen.