Be kind. Stay home. Save lives

Be kind. Stay home. Save lives

We are all feeling overwhelmed right now, and we could all use a helping hand. Why not be that helping hand for someone else? There are so many small things you can do to brighten someone’s day. So while you’re sitting on your couch, staying safe at home, just power up your computer and your imagination. You can make a difference in someone’s life, and it will make a difference in yours.

Be a Meal Hero

They say that food feeds the soul. So why not give the gift of meal delivery to your favorite local hero. You can help support your favorite local restaurants at the same time by donating a delicious hot meal to a first responder, medical worker, or grocery store clerk in your neighborhood. Or get a group of friends to chip in for meals for the whole squad. Be a hero to a hero. You can even order extra groceries online, and share canned goods, fruits and vegetables with an elderly neighbor. At a safe, social distance, of course.

Connect Offscreen

Go through your contact list and pick one new person every day that you haven’t talked to in a long time. You may have texted, slacked, messaged, but you haven’t actually talked the old school way, by phone. Hearing a familiar voice can be such a comfort in anxious times. Talk about happy memories from the past, and dream up plans for the future. Make plans to get together IRL when the world goes back to normal. Reconnecting with old friends is a great way to make yourself, and your friend, feel better. And we could all use a little warm, fuzzy friendship right now.

Girl Power Happy Hour

Your favorite bar, cafe, and restaurant are all closed now, but you’d still love to get together with the girls for a cocktail and chat. So, socialize the way everyone else is these days. Host a Zoom Happy Hour. But make yours extra special by inviting friends that may be quarantined at home alone and really missing that human contact. Invite your single friends to a virtual girl power happy hour. You don’t have to make “quarantinis” or put on makeup, or get dressed up. It doesn’t have to have a theme, or a game. Just drink, vent, laugh, and share. It’s all good.

Be Kid Friendly

If you don’t have kids of your own, or if your kids are older, now is the perfect time to help parents of young kids that may be feeling overwhelmed with homeschooling, and 24/7 childcare duties. Offer to virtually babysit for a stressed out mom via video chat. Get creative. Use your imagination. You can read a story together, dress up in costume for an imaginary quest, play guessing games, or even put on a puppet show. As long as you pay attention to them and have fun with them, they will love you for it, almost as much as their grateful parents.

Show Off Your Skills

Now is a great time to show off your special skill and teach friends how to do it. Everyone’s got a special skill, whether it’s playing the guitar, baking, juggling, or making paper flowers. Whatever you can do, someone out there wants to learn how to do it too. Just set up your virtual classroom via Skype, Zoom or, Facebook Live, and, voila, you’re a teacher. And if you find yourself suddenly unemployed, teaching your special skill to others can also be a great side hustle. Turning tragedy into triumph, hopelessness into hope, and lemons into lemonade, is the only way we will all get through this together. So stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And lend a helping hand, wherever you can. The world needs you.

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