Benefits of Sweet Orange Oils

Benefits of Sweet Orange Oils

What is Sweet Orange Essential Oil?

Sweet orange oil, derived from the peels of an orange variety called citrus sinensis, has extensive medicinal and household purposes. Its main characteristic is a distinct citrus aroma.

How does it work?

Orange EO has high levels of antioxidants, which are important to our physiology and act as protectors against free radicals. Free radicals exist in our everyday environment and have been linked to cellular damage and compromised immune systems. Antioxidants prevent serious diseases such as atherosclerosis and cancer. Most people use sweet orange oil as an herbal remedy while experiencing little to no side effects, but if you have any medical conditions, consult your doctor before sweet orange oil supplementation.

Benefits of Sweet Orange Oils

Topical Uses

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics of sweet orange oil make the essential oil a good choice for topical use. The anti-inflammatory effect occurs when the oil is massaged into the skin to promote healing of muscle aches and cramps.


If you feel sluggish or tired, a whiff of the citrus fruit gives you the energy needed to get through the day. There’s also evidence that smelling the oil eases stress. The good mood you’re feeling when using sweet orange oil aromatherapy, can extend throughout your day.

Cold & Flu

Sweet orange oil helps combat congestion when you’re suffering from a cold or flu. By inhaling the citrus aroma, your sinuses will clear and you’ll have less bouts of coughing.

Sweet Orange Essential Oils Usage Tips

Inhaling sweet orange oil through a diffuser is beneficial to your body. Researchers have confirmed via blood tests that essential oils materialize in the bloodstream after inhalation. Aromatherapy and topical usage are the most common applications of orange essential oils.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Trickle three sweet orange oil drops into the diffuser and allow the aroma to circulate in the room for about an hour. Sweet orange oil blended with peppermint oil acts as a home air freshener. Mix three drops of peppermint oil for every 10 drops of orange essential oil in a spray bottle.


For topical applications, sweet orange oil works best when combined with a carrier oil such as tea tree, coconut or jojoba. Three drops of orange oil with 10 mL of carrier oil blend well together, but you can alter the amount used to your specific preferences.


Sweet orange oil is an all-natural home cleansing agent. Apply the oil directly onto tub and tile stains, or dilute with water and mild soap to wipe down surfaces.

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