Perfect Blends for Your Essential Oil Diffuser to Keep Those Summer Vibes

Perfect Blends for Your Essential Oil Diffuser to Keep Those Summer Vibes

Picture yourself sitting on a tropical beach. A light, warm breeze blows through your damp, salty hair and you can feel your toes buried in the sand and hear waves calmly reaching the shore. You open your eyes and see nothing but beautiful turquoise water. You instantly feel tranquil and blissful, the exact opposite of the stressful feelings that comes from your work. If only we could transport ourselves to a beautiful beach oasis whenever we wanted!

You don’t think we would torture you with fantasies of a tropical vacation without a way to help, do you? All you need is a few key essential oils and an essential oil diffuser and you can feel the calm, warm sensation of summer anywhere you want. We put together some of our favorite recipes for summertime vibes that you can save and use any time you need it. Just grab your essential oil diffuser and get ready for the quickest vacation ever.

Beach Vibes Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Nothing gives us the summertime vibes like the beach. This blend of essential oils gives you the same sense of the beach without forcing you to deal with crowds (or sunburns). Add two drops of lavender, two drops of bergamot, one drop of rosemary and one drop of eucalyptus to your essential oil diffuser and get ready to be relaxed.

Using this blend in your essential oil diffuser is a great addition to your stress management routine, and we all know stress can be damaging to both your physical and emotional health. Known for its relaxing effect, using lavender oil in your essential oil diffuser helps you recreate the peaceful stress-banishing vibes of a day at the beach.

Bergamot essential oils are also calming and are perfect for creating low-stress environments. Rosemary essential oils have properties that promote memory, which you can use to relieve all your favorite summertime memories. In this essential oil diffuser blend, eucalyptus oil not only can help clear congestion, but also works to add a fresh, citrus scent so that your whole room smells like summer. Try out this blend before your next big meeting or right before bed to get relaxing summertime beach vibes.

Mojito Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

What’s better than a pool day, soaking up the sun with a nice, light cocktail in your hand? We can’t think of many things either. One of our favorite summertime cocktails is the minty fresh mojito, so we wanted to honor it with a mojito essential oil diffuser blend to recreate the summertime vibes. Add to your essential oil diffuser two drops of lime essential oil, two drops of grapefruit essential oil, two drops of tangerine essential oil and one drops of peppermint essential oil. Just reading the recipe puts us in a summertime mood.

Many aromatherapy practitioners like to include citrus essential oils like tangerine, lime and grapefruit in essential oil diffuser blends for an uplifting, fresh and fruity scent with floral notes. Finally, peppermint essential oil rounds the whole essential oil diffuser blend by providing cool, stimulating mint notes.

If it sounds like this is the perfect essential oil diffuser blend after a long night out, that’s exactly what we were going for. You can have this essential oil diffuser blend ready for when you come home from a night out or mix it in the morning when you wake up. Either way, it keeps those party vibes going.

A Taste of Lemonade Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Essential oil diffusers add to any room in your home.

A major perk of the summer is fresh squeezed lemonade. It’s particularly fun if you buy it from a neighborhood kid to support their lemonade stand. Get the cool sensation of homemade lemonade all year long with this refreshing essential oil diffuser blend.

Start with four drops of lemon essential oil, add one drop of sweet orange essential oil and finish it off with one drop of peppermint essential oil and that’s all you need. As its color suggests, lemon is a happy essential oil. Using it in your essential oil diffuser will cause a better mood almost immediately. Lemon oil is known to reduce stress which always makes people happier so it’s working on two fronts. Sweet orange essential oil is such a happy aroma, scientists have even explored using it to help keep kids calm at the dentist. If that’s not a glowing recommendation for helping you feel calm, we don’t know what is! Finally, this essential oil diffuser blend ends with peppermint which is known to help you feel mentally refreshed.

It’s the perfect essential oil diffuser blend to connect you with the worry-free summertime you experienced as a child. Try it today and watch your stress melt away.

Blast of Energy Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

During the summer, it’s hard to keep your energy levels up at work. You’re inside typing away at a computer when just outside your window you can see the sun shining, people outside enjoying the perfect weather. It’s draining and depressing, but it must be done. This is an essential oil diffuser blend that works to bring the outside summertime vibes inside and give you a quick blast of energy.

To create this energizing essential oil diffuser blend, you’ll need two drops of sweet orange essential oil, two drops of lemongrass essential oil and two drops of pine needle essential oil. The refreshing and stimulating aromas of lemongrass and pine needle drops in this essential oil diffuser blend feel like an energizing ray of sunshine.

The best times to use this essential oil diffuser blend is in the morning when you wake up or during the afternoon slump we all experience. It’s especially helpful if you can use your essential oil diffuser in a common area to get your whole office energized and into the summertime mood.

Sunset Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Make summer last with these essential oil diffuser recipes.

The only thing that can beat the fun, playful summer vibes during the day is the calming, gorgeous vibe of a big summer sunset. We thought there was no better way to round out a list of the perfect blends for your essential oil diffuser than with a blend inspired by the summer sunset. To make this essential oil diffuser blend, start with two drops of tangerine essential oil, one drop of sweet orange essential oil, one drop of patchouli essential oil and one drop of bergamot essential oil.

The uplifting scents of citrus oils like, tangerine, sweet orange and bergamot add a bright happy feeling to this essential oil diffuser blend for a quick pick-me-up at the end of the day. Adding patchouli essential oil to the mix adds a seductive element and calming atmosphere. Altogether, this essential oil diffuser blend gives you a dreamy end to your day, inspired by romantic summertime sunsets.

If you’re looking for an extra calming effect, we suggest blending these essential oils in your diffuser right after dinner. Take some time to meditate or relax and wait until the sun is just about to go down. End the day by sitting on your porch or in front of your biggest window to watch the sun go down while breathing in the calming sunset essential oil diffuser blend.

Obviously, the five essential oil diffuser blends listed above only scratch the surface of possibilities. The oils we suggested here are certainly the best choices when you want to bring out a summertime vibe. The fun of essential oil diffusers is that you can create your own personalized blends on the spot. We encourage everyone to mix citrus essential oils with more warm essential oils like cinnamon. Some blends might end up disastrous, but you might discover the most energizing blend possible. You just have to try!

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