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Sleeping baby in a cute panda onesie and happy mama nuzzling.

White Noise & Essential Oils for Babies: Get...

Everyone knows that a new baby means a lot less sleep! Maybe you’ve been there yourself: completely exhausted, but your little one is wide awake and fussy. Even when your baby finally falls asleep, you may be too agitated or

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coffee scrub with bluetooth diffuser and essential oils

Rise & Shine: Make the Most of Your Morning

Incorporating essential oils and other invigorating aromas into your wake up routine is a great place to start when you’re trying to wake up faster. If you’ve ever scrolled through social media on a Monday morning, you know that you’re

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Essential Oils and Weight Loss

Weight loss is a perennially trending topic and it often seems like everyone around you is trading secrets to burning fat. These tips always seem to involve some strange pill that works for the moment but ultimately does more harm

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How to Use Essential Oils to Relax at Work

Traffic is a bummer. If you have a long commute, chances are you’re already frazzled by the time you even get to work. Not to mention the deadlines and the overflowing email inbox that are probably waiting for you. Even

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3 Lavender Oil Blends for Relaxing

Feeling burnt out or overwhelmed from a hectic day at work? We’ve all been there. Sometimes those feelings can be especially hard to shake, even when we’re at home. Well known for its relaxing effects, lavender oil is the must-have

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How to Use Castor Oil Head to Toe: 3 DIY Massage Oils

Castor oil is the hottest new natural beauty trend you might not have heard of… yet. Hair conditioning treatments with castor oil are finally getting attention on social media, but using castor oil for skin care is still an insider-secret

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Yoga & Aromatherapy: Interview with Red Diamond Yoga Founder Sheryl Utal

Yoga & Aromatherapy: Interview with Red Diamond...

While there are many seemingly silly holidays that are recognized every day on social media, there are only a few (besides National Donut Day) that are actually worth celebrating. The next time you pick a mid-year celebration to partake in,

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National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day Many people suffer from stress every single day and many causes of stress are directly related to the events going on around. However, how you perceive and react to stressful events is key in being able to

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