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6 essential oil hacks for a clean, fresh kitchen and bathroom

6 essential oil hacks for a clean, fresh kitchen &...

You know your favorite essential oils like lavender, lemon and eucalyptus, can help keep you calm, renew your spirit, and create an aromatic ambiance that makes your house feel like home.  But did you know that these same essential oils

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How to make your own hand sanitizer

How to make your own hand sanitizer (and other epic...

By now, you’ve been stuck at home for what feels like forever. And you’ve probably gotten yourself into some real DIY messes by trying to make your own hand sanitizer, or create a no-sew mask to protect yourself from coronavirus.

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woman with scarf over face unsplah

5 simple hacks to help protect yourself from...

Coronavirus fear is everywhere. The worldwide spread of coronavirus has prompted the World Health Organization to declare a state of global emergency. The only way to fully protect yourself from the dreaded coronavirus is to never leave your house and

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7 DIY winter scents for your home

When the weather outside is frosty, why not warm up your home with soothing scent?  Winter is the perfect season to fire up your essential oil diffuser. Here are our top picks for easy DIY recipes to create an aromatic

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5 DIY Fall Fragrances To Cozy Up To

Autumn’s most relaxing days fall somewhere between Halloween candy coma and Thanksgiving family frenzy. This is the perfect time to cocoon yourself in a fragrant Fall refresh before the holidaze sets in. All you need is a warm wood diffuser

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two girls running on beach

How To Get Drop-Dead Gorgeous Beachy Waves With A DIY...

I have a confession. I can spend hours styling my hair. I’ve fruitlessly attempted way too many youtube tutorials on how to achieve perfectly wavy hair. One particular video convinced me that I would have a luminous waterfall of effortlessly,

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Himalayan salt spray

How to Make Sea Salt Spray— the Easy Way

Around the office, we’re pretty much obsessed with trying out new products all the time… but of course we all have our tried-and-true favorites. This month our very own Griselda T. is sharing her fave and the ultimate beach wave

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sweet almond oil

3 DIY Sweet Almond Oil Scrubs You Need to Try Right Now

Winter can be rough! You’re cooped up indoors, cold air chaps your skin, central heating dries you out… the list goes on. If you’re looking for a way get your winter skin ready for spring, look no farther than sweet

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