Eco-Friendly Packaging is Important

Eco-Friendly Packaging is Important

The average American generates four pounds of waste daily. This includes food scraps, empty beverage containers, and discarded packaging from products across all consumer sectors. In a world of instant gratification, online shopping, and busy people, it's no wonder we all tend to fill up our garbage bins a little quicker than we may like. Wondering how you can decrease your environmental footprint? Eco-friendly packaging is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help now and extends far-reaching benefits to the health and well-being of future generations.

The Impact of Conventional Packaging

Conventional methods and materials used to create product packaging--whether for food, household, or health and beauty products--have contributed to the many environmental and health challenges we're facing today.

The Greenhouse Effect

The 3,000 active landfills in the US are the second-largest source of human-related methane in our country. Methane has long been recognized as a greenhouse gas for its tendency to absorb the sun's heat and contribute to the Earth's increasing temperature.

Paper or Plastic?

A large portion of the waste that ends up in landfills--as much as 1.5 million tons--comes from paper packaging, much of which is recyclable. The amount of waste coming from plastic packaging is even greater--an estimated 13 million tons per year.

The Pollution Problem

Not only do conventional packaging methods increase the amount of waste produced, but they also increase the pollution levels. Harmful chemicals like phthalates, BPA and heavy metals, leech into our environment and communities through air, soil, water, and the packaging material itself.

How Products Are Packaged with The Future in Mind

We know where discarded packages go after we're done using them. Walk down any street on trash day--you're almost sure to spot the bright blue or green recycling bins. What we don't consider as often, is where these packages come from in the first place, and what kind of impact the manufacturing process has on the environment. Eco-friendly packages are designed to have better pre- and post-production value. This means less impact before, during, and after their use. To this end, environmentally-minded companies opt to use any one of the following options when creating their packaging:

  • Lighter-weight material--and far less of it
  • Recycled material Biodegradable material, including bioplastics made from wheat, corn, and potatoes
  • Less use of plastics, and increased use of environmentally-friendly materials like glass and stainless steel
  • Companies hiring eco-conscious manufacturing plants are helping reduce carbon emissions and pollution within our communities.

Plus, people who buy products packaged via environmentally-conscious methods also tend to be responsible for post-consumer recycling--which makes the trend toward eco-friendly even more promising.

Eco-Friendly Packaging is Different--Here's Why

artnaturals is committed to providing quality solutions that enhance your natural health and beauty. We're always looking for ways to maximize the integrity of our products and improve the way they're shipped and stored. We offer products made with and packaged in the highest quality ingredients and materials that are:

  • Better for the environment by reducing extraneous waste and minimizing the use of harmful chemicals
  • Better for the environment in the future, to the direct benefit of generations to come
  • Better for the quality of our products, by preserving the purity of ingredients like essential oils and minerals
  • Better for your health, by helping you reduce exposure to artificial chemicals and preservatives

Our products--anything from foot scrubs to face lotions--are packaged with utility and sustainability in mind. No matter what products you love, rest assured your purchase is helping to spread the power of optimal health--for mind, body, and earth.

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