Getting Started with Natural Skincare

Getting Started with Natural Skincare

Many women are making the switch to natural skincare. As information continues to mount about the potential dangers of chemical ingredients in skincare products, women are choosing to take control over their health and beauty by turning to natural alternatives. A new world of natural skincare products is waiting for you to discover. We chose the following products and ingredients so you can learn about and experience the benefits that natural skincare offers.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum is antioxidant-rich and protects your skin against free radicals. Vitamin C helps even out skin tone, revitalize skin surface, improve hydration and promotes younger looking skin. To get even more benefits with every application, when choosing a vitamin C serum, look for added natural ingredients like botanical hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, organic aloe vera, organic jojoba, organic gotu kola, and wild geranium.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body and aids in lubricating the joints. Hyaluronic acid is found in eye fluids and connective tissue, but nearly half of it is found in our skin, making it a critical component of healthy skin tissue. Hyaluronic acid serum supports the skin in retaining moisture, creating the cushion that plumps the skin and reduces wrinkles. The serum is quickly absorbed without leaving a residue, and can be applied before using makeup or before bed.

Retinol Serum

Retinol, or vitamin A, is well-documented for its healthy skin enhancing benefits. Retinol normalizes the skin’s functions, returns it to its original “factory setting,” if you will. It reduces signs of rosacea, exfoliates, repairs the epidermis on a cellular level, protects against UV rays, reduces hyperpigmentation, minimizes excess oil production, prevents adult acne breakouts, and promotes wound healing.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehips come from the bud of the rose. The rosehip is considered the fruit of the plant. Rosehips are an abundant source of Vitamin C. In fact, the rose is one of the most abundant plant sources of this essential skin nutrient. Rosehip oil rejuvenates skin, soothes sunburn and evens out skin tone. When choosing rosehip oil for your natural skin care needs, opt for cold-pressed rosehip oil from Chile whenever possible. Cold-pressing is a special form of essential oil extraction that doesn’t heat the rosebuds during the process of extraction, so the molecules aren’t disturbed.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a natural oil that comes from the seed of the jojoba plant, and is the oil that most closely resembles our skin’s own natural oils. It’s noncomedogenic, so it doesn’t clog pores. Jojoba oil contains palmitic acid, an antioxidant, oleic acid, which provides nourishing and moisturizing, vitamin E, which blocks damage from free radicals, and vitamin B complex, including B1, B2, and B3, choline, inositol and biotin, which all work together to improve skin elasticity and youthful appearance.

Arabica Coffee Scrub

Coffee scrubs are effective to combat cellulite. They’re gentle enough for daily use, yet deliver excellent exfoliation. The caffeine in the coffee beans has anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that tighten and tone skin, reduce puffiness and eliminate cellulite. The best Arabica coffee scrubs contain additional beneficial skincare ingredients like Dead Sea Salt, Kona coffee and Arabica seed oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Coconut Extract. Use Arabica coffee scrub regularly to reduce cellulite, minimize age spots, and improve varicose veins and eczema.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

We all love a good facial mask, which allows you to unwind after a stressful day, and an excuse to lie down for 15-30 minutes. Instead of the chemical face masks once widely used, opt for a natural Dead Sea mud mask. The Dead Sea is well-known to have unique ingredients in its mud. Located in Israel, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth (Death Valley is 2nd) and a mystical place steeped in ancient history. The mud contains healing properties that have potent benefits for repairing skin and restoring a youthful look. The mud has been used for exotic body wraps at luxury spas. Now, you can reap the benefits of Dead Sea mud without going to an expensive salon. You’ll rejoice in its ability to detox skin and remove impurities, clean pores and nourish/moisturize your skin.

Natural Lip Balm

Commercial lip color often contains ingredients shown to have harmful side effects. Thankfully, you can use natural lip balms that provide color plus nourishing benefits for the delicate lip area. Look for a natural lip balm that contains beeswax, which hydrates the lips while providing a protective barrier against moisture loss. It’s an effective UV protector and helps prevent sun damage.

Himalayan Salt Scrub

The Himalayan mountains spread over five countries: Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Nepal and China. The salt on these mountains has formed over millions of years, and is packed with rare minerals found only in salt from this area. Himalayan salt scrubs can be used all over your body for exfoliation and delivery of minerals essential to prevent signs of aging.
These natural skincare products and ingredients are a good place to get started with your natural skin care regimen. Once you start using them, you’ll never reach for chemical-laden skincare products again.


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