Guide to Care for Your Eyelashes

Guide to Care for Your Eyelashes

Considering that your eyes are often called the windows to your soul, it’s not surprising that people have been seeking ways to enhance their beauty since the first flirty wink was delivered eons ago in the Garden of Eden. Eyelashes frame your eyes, so the longer, thicker, and healthier your eyelashes are, the bigger and brighter your eyes will appear to be. Not everyone is born with beautiful, full lashes, and while there are cosmetic methods to enhance their appearance, using a restorative lash product like eyelash serum to care for and support lash health is still crucial.

The Quest for Long, Luscious Lashes

Throughout time, people have endeavored to make their lashes look darker by applying dark pigments to them, powders such as kohl mixed with fat, oils, or waxes. Egyptians were one of the first cultures to widely employ cosmetics to their brows and lashes, and most of the world has been following their lead ever since. Even when mascara first became manufactured commercially, many brands still used waxes to darken and lengthen lashes. However, many high-end mascara brands have now ditched the old-fashioned waxes and dyes in favor of less toxic ingredients. But mascara still remains one of the most popular cosmetics.

Eyelash curlers, both manual and heated versions, can give the temporary appearance of longer lashes, but the illusion fades quickly. For a semi-permanent solution, many people have turned to eyelash perming to achieve the look of thick, fluttery lashes. And for an even more dramatic impact, some people use eyelash extensions to lengthen their lashes.

Beautiful Lashes, But at What Cost?

Eyelashes and eyebrows can grow thin for a variety of reasons, including poor nutrition, aging and overuse of cosmetics. Regular plucking or waxing can cause damage to the follicles, and age can slow or stop the growth of eyebrow hairs and eyelashes. The process of creating the appearance of long, lush lashes can take a toll on the integrity of your lashes. Many mascaras use chemicals that can expose your lashes to harsh, drying ingredients, making them brittle and prone to breakage. And makeup removers required to take your eye makeup off can strip your lashes of their natural oils. Eyelash curlers can pull eyelashes out and cause breakage, and eyelash perms can weaken delicate lashes. The adhesive used for faux eyelash strips and eyelash extensions can rip lashes from their roots. Almost everything we do to create the illusion of fuller lashes can end up wreaking havoc on them.

Eyelash Serum To The Rescue!

ess, and promote growth and eyelash retention, resulting in longer, fuller lashes. Specialty lash serum formulas contain a variety of ingredients that can help renew your eyelashes and eyebrows. Look for a formula that contains hypoallergenic, natural ingredients such as botanical extracts. One of the most promising newcomers is a keratin stimulating peptide called Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17. Studies have indicated that this peptide can visibly increase lashes up to twenty-five percent. Apple-derived stem cells are other lash-friendly ingredients. These ingredients protect human stem cells from ultraviolet light, stimulate stem cell reproduction, and reduce age-related gene issues. When applied to your eyebrows and lashes, the combination of conditioners, natural extracts and nutrients, such as amino acids and vitamin B5, can not only encourage regrowth and follicle retention, but also improve the appearance of the skin under your eyes and around your eyebrows.

Lash Care Basics

Preventing damage to your lashes and brows is key if you want thick, defined brows and full, sweeping lashes. Take care when using lash curlers to avoid breakage, and be careful when removing eyelash strips and extensions to avoid pulling out lash hairs. Take the time every day to remove all mascara, liner, eye shadow, and brow liner by using a gentle makeup cleanser and soft cotton pads. Don’t rub or tug at the eye area or lashes, and use cool — not hot — water to rinse. Follow up by applying your eye serum liberally to lashes and brows. Use eye serum daily (even if you aren’t wearing makeup) to promote lash growth and length, and soon you'll see impressive and visible results.

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