Guide to Frankincense Essential Oil

Guide to Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is one of the most critically acclaimed oils in the world of essential oils. It’s obtained from several Boswellia tree species and serves as a perfume, skin purifier and even a tea component. Frankincense is popular for good reason. It’s been used effectively for over 5,000 years. Its resin, once collected, is one of the world’s most popular topical skincare ingredients. To understand why it’s so popular requires a bit of knowledge.

The History of Frankincense

Frankincense oils are derived from hardened tree resin, and were initially used as an aromatic. Over time, Frankincense became popular for its religious and cultural applications. Its pleasant scent has made it a go-to aromatic since Fifth Dynasty Egypt between 2345 and 2494 BC. It later was utilized in Roman Empire religious ceremonies, then carried over into Ancient Greece. Frankincense’s popularity then caught on in Korea, China, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippians. Popularly used in Taoism, Shinto and Buddhism, Frankincense was used primarily as an incense. It later became popular in the Christian faith—especially in Catholicism.

Frankincense today is popular in skincare and other cosmetic products. Frankincense is used in toothpaste and deodorant in some parts of the world. It’s also used in all-natural household cleaning products. Frankincense is found in shampoos, soaps, lotions and facial creams.

Frankincense Benefits

Because of its diverse medical qualities, Frankincense oils have been adopted into the skincare world and benefits the skin in many ways.

Disinfectant Benefits

Frankincense oils are effective antiseptics. Even Frankincense fumes carry disinfectant and antiseptic qualities. The essential oils eliminate germs, and can even protect the skin’s surface from tetanus. It’s also used to prevent infections.

Skin Tone Benefits

Frankincense carries astringent properties, which strengthen hair roots, skin tones and even reduces gum disease. The essential oils promote muscle contraction and aid in intestinal functions. It also protects against premature hair and tooth loss, and reduces wrinkles while boosting skin tone. Because Frankincense is highly astringent, it’s used to tighten skin, relieve abdominal pain and even stop bleeding.

Oral Health Benefits

Frankincense EO is unique in its application in oral health. Its antiseptic qualities make for an excellent preventative option for cavities, bad breath, mouth sores and toothaches. Natural oral care products with Frankincense EO add a soothing aroma while protecting your mouth and teeth.

Common Frankincense Oil Uses

The skincare industry uses Frankincense a variety of ways. Its anti-aging effects make it a perfect regenerative, and the ability to keep skin cells tight and healthy, makes it a popular skincare additive. When combined with Frankincense oil’s strong astringent properties, these benefits make for a wonderful and effective product.

As a Sun Spot Remover

Frankincense’s anti-aging qualities assist in sun spot remover. Aside from micro-wrinkle removal, Frankincense is a quality dry cell remover and is found in sunscreen lotions.

As a Tonic

Tonics are used by individuals seeking better all-around health. Frankincense oil assists in nervous, digestive, respiratory and excretory systems wellness. It adds nutrients to the body and serves to strengthen the immune system.

As a Diuretic

Frankincense is effective as an all-natural remedy to help shed water weight. It’s often used to shed uric acid, fats and sodium. Frankincense is safe, and can even be used to lower blood pressure.

Interesting Frankincense Facts

While Frankincense is mostly used as a tonic and a medical supplement in skincare, it still carries other qualities warranting a closer look. Check out these interesting facts and usage.

Cure for Respiratory Issues

Frankincense can sooth coughs, eliminate phlegm, provide bronchial relief, and reduce nasal tract congestion. Commonly touted for its bronchi, pharynx, larynx and lung benefits, Frankincense oil serves as an all-around respiratory health substance.


While some pharmaceutical drugs are preferable to Frankincense in treating anxiety and depression, Frankincense does carry several antidepressant qualities by helping relax breathing passages and assist with blood flow, which helps the heart beat regulation. On the biological level, Frankincense is marginally useful as an anti-anxiety and antidepressant.

Regulate Body Temperature

Frankincense can balance rising body temperatures, helping the body fight fevers. The essential oil is commonly used to alleviate cold symptoms. It’s common to see Frankincense imbued in heating pads and other “comfort” products.

Relieves Arthritic Pain

Frankincense oil can relieve arthritic and rheumatism pain and positively impacts any inflammation. Frankincense oils blend well with orange, lemon, lime and other citrus oils, for a popular aromatherapy additive.

If you love essential oils, Frankincense is an absolute delight. Integrated into your skincare and health regimen, it’ll serve you well in many capacities.


Guide to Frankincense Essential Oil

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