Black Licorice “Bat” Bombs

Black Licorice “Bat” Bombs

In the spirit of the season, we’ve devised an essential oil bath time treat that does tricks! These delightful homemade essential oil bath bombs are a snap to make and smell just like black licorice!  

This simple homemade bath bomb recipe can be easily altered for any season and with any essential oil, you like. Give yourself an extra treat this Halloween with these homemade essential oil bath bombs shaped like cute little bats.

Follow along as Patty takes you through the homemade bath bomb recipe step by step using the perfect essential oils for a delicious licorice aroma. You can also check out



Homemade “Bat” Bomb Recipe

What You’ll Need:

  1. If you plan on using these homemade bath bombs with kids under 12 years you will need to swap out the peppermint oil (please see below). Instead of peppermint, use ½ tsp pine needle essential oil and ⅛ tsp sweet orange essential oil.

  1. Using biodegradable glitter helps reduce microplastic ocean pollution.

Peppermint Essential Oil Safety for Kids

Peppermint is one of the most potent essential oils. According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, peppermint essential oil can cause acute respiratory distress in babies and children. We don’t recommend using peppermint essential topically or in essential oil diffusers for children under 12.

Essential Oil Bath Bombs Instructions

Step 1: Add all dry bath bomb ingredients to large bowl. Use whisk to mix until fully combined making sure there are no clumps.

Step 2: In your small bowl, mix essential oils and all other wet ingredients. Use whisk to mix well.

Step 3: Very slowly add the liquid essential oil mixture to the dry bath bomb ingredients. One teaspoon at a time is a good starting point. Whisk as you go and be on the lookout for any signs of fizzing. You’re mixture should just barely stick together like clumps of wet sand.

Step 4: Work quickly to fill your mold with the bath bomb mix. Press the mix firmly into the mold.

NOTE: It’s important to get the mix in your mold while the mix is still damp. If it drys out before getting in the mold, your homemade bath bombs will be more like homemade bath crumbles.

Step 5: Let your essential oil bath bombs fully dry. If there are a ton of details in the mold, a whole day may be necessary.

Step 6: Drop one in the tub and enjoy!

We hope you have as much Halloween fun with these DIY “Bat” bombs as we did. Homemade bath bombs are a great project to share and customize. Using different molds and different essential oils, the bath bomb possibilities are endless!

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