20 Crazy Effective Hair Tips For Long, Healthy Hair

20 Crazy Effective Hair Tips For Long, Healthy Hair

During my cringe-inducing high school years, my hair never grew past my shoulders. No surprise. My flat iron and I had been in a committed relationship since middle school. I also used no heat protection ever for my hair! And I sometimes even forgot to use conditioner. Facepalm. Thankfully, I treat my hair so much better since my awkward teens. Read on to avoid my mistakes and learn extremely effective hair tips on how to grow long, healthy strands. 

Dress Like Meghan Markle 

Our very first tip and an important one! Be chic like a Britiish royal and wear a big hat. Your vulnerable part is exposed to UV damage and can get skin cancer. And the UV light can also make your tresses dry, brittle and discolored. So make sure to sport a cap when you spend time outdoors.

Wash Your Hair Wayyy Less 

Skip a day and give your hair a break. Frequent washings can strip the hair follicle of its beneficial oils. 

Ditch The Sulfates 

I’m sure that you’ve heard this hair warning before, but maybe not actually why you should avoid sulfates. It’s simple. Sulfates make your shampoo sudsy and allows dirt and grime to be washed away with water. But they do too good of a job as they strip your hair of essential oils and can irritate a sensitive scalp. Yikes! 

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Layer Like A Hair Pro

Heat is the devil incarnate for hair. So you got to really fortify your strands against the incoming damage. When you apply a heat protectant, you need to apply in small sections all over your head; while spritzing three to four times.  

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Say Ahhh With A Scalp Massage

An effective scalp massage takes only three minutes. Apply an oil to your scalp and start from the edge of your hairline to the crown of your head. Don’t use your nails to scratch your scalp! Use the pads of your fingers and gently knead your hair. 

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Back Away From The Brush 

Brushing wet hair straight out of the shower can cause some major breakage. When you comb dripping hair, it creates a lot of tension on the strand. Hair can handle this pressure if it’s dry, but it will snap if it’s wet. 

Whip Out That Old T-Shirt 

The harsh texture and moisture-absorbing abilities of a regular towel is just too rough and drying on your hair. T-shirts are much more gentle. But don’t rub your tresses. Slowly blot and squeeze your strands.  

Can You Tell We’re Obsessed?

According to Hello magazine, Meghan Markle “religiously” uses a hair mask with keratin. It’s easy to see why. A deep conditioning mask actually prevents hair damage by focusing on repairing and strengthening the hair follicle with a restorative protein like keratin. So using a deep conditioning hair mask once a week is essential in preventing hair breakage and split ends. 

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It Might Get A Little Chilly...

Not the entire time! You can pry a relaxing, hot shower from my pruny, dead hands. But during your long, steamy shower, rinse off your conditioner with cold water. Hot water does a great job at washing away dirt, but it’s too effective at removing conditioner. By effectively removing conditioner, it completely washes away the moisturizing ingredients. So give your hair a cold rinse at that crucial moment. 

Count Me In! 

Want a tasty and effortless way to grow stronger hair? Then a gummy hair supplement can be great for your hair goals! It gives your hair the nutrients to grow longer, healthier and vibrant strands. 

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Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

A good rule of thumb is that hair loves and needs moisture. And a leave-in conditioner is excellent at sealing in moisture. It also has other beauty benefits like adding shine, preventing frizz and detangling hair. So apply on damp tresses and enjoy a good hair day, everyday. 

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Protect The Mane

While you toss and turn in bed, your hair is exposed to damage like split ends and frizz. Wearing a braid is a great way to protect your delicate strands at night. Bonus: wake up with beautiful wavy curls. 

One More Reason To Wear Top Knots Everyday

Sporting a protective, loose bun is a great way to protect your hair during the day. Make sure to not pull on the hairline and do switch up the positioning of the bun. Voila! Your hair is shielded from breakage and flyaways. 

Shampoo Like A Derm

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you need to concentrate the product solely on the scalp. If you apply shampoo on the length of your hair, you can create flyaways. (Which is literally the worst.) 

Don’t Cut Like Edward Scissorhands 

A normal haircut is meant to reshape a grown-out cut. So your hair doesn’t have that awkward, shapeless blob look. (I’ve definitely been there.) A micro trim nips any split ends in the bud before they travel up the hair shaft and do real damage. So get a micro trim every 6-12 weeks to keep your strands healthy and long. 

Say Aloha To Better Hair

Coconut oil has a low molecular weight and can penetrate the hair shaft. So you get the full benefits of  serious hydration. Apply to dry hair from root to tip. Put on a shower cap and leave on overnight. Wash out with your normal hair routine. 

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Sleep On Some Silk

Yep, ditch your cotton pillowcases! It sucks up the moisture from your strands and creates breakage. A silk pillowcase doesn’t absorb moisture and your hair retains hydration and products don’t smear everywhere. Pamper your hair without lifting a finger.

Finger Painting? Try Finger Detangling!

Who likes tangled hair? I definitely don’t! So let go of the tangle teezer and try using your fingers. It’s free and ultra-gentle. Of course, apply a detangler of some kind to speed up the process. 

A Neat Tip For Blondes

Make your shampoo play double duty and combine your purple shampoo with a nourishing shampoo.  

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A healthy and varied diet is still a surefire way to flawless, luscious hair. Salmon, flax seeds, chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are proving to be helpful in promoting hair growth. 


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