This Is How I Rehabbed My Bleached Hair With One Hair Mask

This Is How I Rehabbed My Bleached Hair With One Hair Mask

Hair Type

My hair has really been put through the ringer over the years. I’ve flat ironed since I was a preteen. I’ve bleached since I was eighteen. And I color my hair every two months. Salon visits are usually peppered with unasked for advice from well-meaning stylists about heat protectants, deep conditioning treatments and hair serums.

Enough already, I get it.

Yes, I know, my hair is pretty damaged. And it has slowly become straw-like over the years. I combat this hay quality with a rigorous hair routine (which I’ll outline below.) But sometimes you need to give your hair some real TLC to see some real results.

Hair Routine

Since my hair is thick, bleached and dry, I always apply a pre-shampoo treatment before I wash my strands. Then, I follow with a gentle co-shampoo for cleansing, along with a moisturizing conditioner. Once a week, I top it all off with a purple shampoo to combat brassiness. Yeah, I know... it’s a lot.

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My Bleached Hair Transformation

Do I really need to add another product to my already hectic hair routine? The answer is yes! I was psyched to try ArtNaturals Argan Oil hair mask for my bleached mane since my parched strands just drink up argan oil like it’s an open bar. I checked out the ingredient list and noted it was chock full of mega-moisturizing oils like almond, moringa and jojoba. Love it. And I love that it has panthenol and keratin, a killer duo for damaged hair.

So I dutifully added the mask into my lengthy hair routine two times a week for three weeks. I was excited to see if it would repair my hair and re-texturize my tresses.

1st Week: Wow! I actually notice a slight decrease in dryness. And my hair texture even looks silkier and more refined.

2nd Week: Having more good hair days than bad! My thirsty ends actually look hydrated. And my hair looks less frizzy.

3rd Week: Definitely into this mask. My hair seems smoother, shinier and re-texturized.

Conclusion: The argan oil mask has definitely made my hair softer and more manageable. Love the subtle, fresh fragrance. Kinda gave me a spa day vibe. If you’re like me, and you never say no to a sleek blowout or a stunning ombre, then trust me, you need this mask to repair your hair. Your hair will thank you. You’re welcome.

Quick Recap

  1. Our argan oil hair mask is ideal for dry, damaged, chemically-treated hair.
  2. It contains keratin and panthenol.
  3. Use 2-3 times a week for best results.

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