How to Get Those Surfer Girl Waves Even If You Don't Surf

How to Get Those Surfer Girl Waves Even If You Don't Surf

When it comes to beach-chic, surfer girls are basically it. The epitome of cool, they are the golden goddesses on the sand. Some of it’s their killer tan — you spend that many hours in the sun, how could you not get a pretty killer bronze going on? And sure, they always have super-cute suits and pretty hot bods — can’t pop-up for a surf if you don’t have great abs, right? But what it really is … is their hair.

Surfer-girl hair is loose, luscious, and messy — in a good way. Instead of trying to coax their locks, like the rest of us, into a fully-coiffed beach-do, surfer girls embrace the wind, sand, and surf. And it looks awesome.

So, does this mean that you can’t have amazing surfer-girl hair unless you become a pro surfer? Nope! There’s good news — turns out the do’s not all that complicated. All you need is a quality sea salt spray.

What’s Sea Salt Spray?

If you’ve ever been in the ocean, you know that salt water majorly dries out your skin. Well, it does the same to your hair. And in doing so, it promotes a textured, gritty quality, which accentuates the natural curls and bends in your hair, making it look awesome. This is surfer-girl hair.

But if you don’t want to dip your head in the sea every morning, using sea salt spray will do just fine. Sea salt spray mimics seawater and can provide the exact same effect as the ocean — that is, if you use it correctly. Here are some tips for using this amazing product to get surfer locks whenever you want them:

How to Use a Sea Salt Spray

Focus the product from mid-lengths to ends

Too much product sprayed on the roots can make your hair look straw-like, so be careful not to spritz too much up top. With that said, salt spray can act as a root lifter like mousse, so it’s okay to use a little bit.

The best method is to start midway down your hair-lengths and work the product slowly down to your ends. Then, go back and touch up your roots. If you tend to have flat roots, go ahead and add a little extra, but be sparing. Using this method will allow you to have beach wavy hair that still has movement.

Use the “spray and scrunch” method when applying

The great thing about sea salt spray is that it’s super easy to apply and takes just a few minutes. But you do have to go slow. After spritzing your mid-lengths (just a few times), use both hands to scrunch the product down the hair shafts to the tips. See how you like it, and if you want more of a tousled look, feel free to spritz on some more saltwater. As stated above, apply minimally to your roots.

Use trial and error to apply the right amount

Too much spray will make your hair look crispy and brittle, but too little will hardly have any effect at all.

We know: It’s difficult to get it just right. Learning how to apply salt spray will likely be a trial and error process at first. But don’t give up; just keep going until you have discovered the perfect amount of application.

Apply the spray to dry or wet hair

Most users apply salt spray to dry hair because it allows them to see how it looks as they put it on. But sea salt spray can also be applied to wet hair. If you choose the latter, you can either blow-dry your locks or let them air dry. The effect will ultimately be the same.

Try additional products to fix dryness

If you notice excessive dryness, or “crispiness,” don’t worry. Just use a detangler or a leave-in conditioner on your damp hair before using the salt spray over the top.

Be okay with not running your fingers through your hair

Of course, you want to be able to have beach hair that also allows for soft, natural movement, but it’s important to know that when you use a sea salt spray, you will inevitably lose some of your hair’s natural weightlessness. This is because the salt will bind sections of your hair into tendrils to give it that wavy, tousled look.

And as all of our curly-haired ladies out there know, combing through your hair with your fingers (or with a comb for that matter) when it’s been pieced into those lovely little tendrils is a no-no … unless you want a ball of frizz on your head.

This rule goes for curly and “saltified” hair. Keep a basic hands-off policy, and your lovely locks will last as long as you like.

Get highlights (at the salon or at home)

Ready to go the whole nine yards and really get the surfer-girl look? Get highlights. Riding those waves all day gives surfers’ hair that golden touch of the sun. You can either achieve the same look by lying out all day with lemon juice in your hair … or you can head to the salon for a few highlights.

Whether or not you can even carry a surfboard, let alone ride the waves, remember that you can still have amazing surfer-girl hair. Just use these tricks, and you can live the endless summer lifestyle whenever you like.

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