How to Get Your Dream Hair with Argan Oil

How to Get Your Dream Hair with Argan Oil

Gorgeous hair starts with a great hair care routine. This may seem simple, but considering the countless brands, ingredients and formulas to choose from, finding the right hair care routine might seem intimidating— if not downright impossible.

The thing is when you turn to simple ingredients perfected by nature, it’s actually not that complicated. In fact, argan oil is just a natural vegetable oil pressed from the fruit of the argan tree and yet it’s one of the best ingredients for moisturizing and conditioning hair.


Why Is Argan Oil the “Liquid Gold” Standard in Hair Care?

Argan oil is a fast-absorbing natural emollient moisturizer, made up of 80% fatty acids. This is important because fatty acids are a major part of the natural lipids that coat and protect your hair.

Smooth, glossy, well-conditioned hair has abundant lipids. Heat styling, chemical processing, over-shampooing and harsh products all contribute to stripping your hair and scalp of natural (and necessary) lipids.

When hair is stripped of lipids, it becomes dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Using natural oils (like argan oil) to replace fatty acids conditions hair and improves hydrophobicity (meaning the ability to “seal in” moisture).

Because the fatty acid content in argan oil is so high, it’s a fantastic conditioning ingredient for dry hair. Argan oil lubricates the hair shaft to reduce the friction that causes frizz and breakage, which is why it’s so often used in hair care products for softer, smoother, shinier hair.

But it doesn’t stop there. The abundant fatty acids in argan oil also help keep your scalp moisturized to avoid flakes from dryness and itching. Using argan oil for hair care is the first step to getting the long glossy hair of your dreams.


How Caro Losada Uses Argan Oil for Hair

With nearly 300k fans following her Instagram account, Caro is used to people asking her all manner of questions about her style. Especially what products she uses and to stay looking so gorgeous all the time.

Hair care is a particularly hot topic on Caro’s social media these days after a recent major color change. Taking deep chestnut locks to a spicy ginger red is no joke— any time hair color is lightened it’s going to require bleach. That means conditioning is extra necessary for damage control.

Using argan oil for hair is one of the best ways to show your hair some extra TLC when it needs it the most (like after bleaching). Argan oil products are key in Caro’s routine for keeping her freshly colored hair looking healthy and vibrant.

If you’ve recently put your hair through a major chemical process like bleaching, perming or relaxing, Caro’s argan routine is a total game-changer. Processed hair isn’t the only cause of dry hair though.

If your hair is naturally dry or porous argan oil is the hydration jackpot you’ve been waiting for. To get you started on the hair of your dreams, we’ve put all of Caro’s favorite argan products in one simple kit to replenish and renew.

Our Healthy Hair Day Bundle includes everything you need to quench and nourish dry and damaged hair!

Caro’s Argan Oil Hair Routine: Step by Step

Cleanse & Nourish with Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan oil shampoo cleanses, while also moisturizing and protecting hair. It’s sulfate-free and gentle for curly, kinky, dry, and color-treated hair so you can use it daily without stripping away color or natural oils.

Since Caro just did some major color processing, she uses Argan Volume Enhancing Shampoo to show her new hair a little extra boost. Using a volume enhancing shampoo with argan oil gives you more fullness, lift, and bounce with added moisture to protect strands weakened by the bleaching process.

Pro Tip: Use warm or cool water instead of hot water to rinse your hair. It’s one of Caro’s top recommendations for taking care of color-treated hair!

Conditioning with Argan Oil— “The Comb Through”

Conditioning regularly with argan oil helps lock in moisture and keep hair strands lubricated for shinier, smoother, more manageable hair. This is especially important for damaged and very dry split ends.

Caro uses argan oil conditioner with one special twist to really target split ends from her new color. We call it “The Comb Through.”

She starts by first applying argan oil conditioner from the middle of her hair. Using her fingers, Caro works the product through to the ends, then uses a brush to comb the conditioner through for even distribution.

Pro Tip: Using a detangling brush for this is always a good idea to avoid breaking and damage split ends further.

Double Down on Hydration with an Argan Oil Hair Mask

Hair masks are typically a more concentrated product that is left on the hair for longer to give all that extra goodness time to sink in. When intense recovery is needed, an argan oil hair mask 1-3 times a month is key to helping improve overall manageability, shine and softness.

Applying an argan oil hair mask from roots to tips, Caro also massages it into her scalp, which is the perfect technique for keeping your scalp moisturized. Using her brush again, she thoroughly combs the mask through, ties up her hair and lets it sit for 10-15 minutes.

After letting the argan oil mask sit and do it’s magic, Caro uses cool water to rinse. After completely rinsing and towel drying, Caro’s hair is ready for the next, and final step.

How to Use Pure Argan Oil for Extra Split End Control

100% pure argan oil is completely natural. If you’re not a fan of traditional hair care, it is possible to use organic argan oil all on its own. Although it can drip quite while applying to a full head of hair.

We’re a huge fan of Caro’s technique in using pure argan oil for smoothing out split ends instead! After following her regular argan routine, she works a few drops of argan oil through the ends of her hair before allowing to air dry.

This technique is flawless for a few reasons. Firstly, allowing her hair to air dry removes at least one heat source (which is a natural enemy of dry and damaged hair) from Caro’s routine.

Secondly, the pure argan oil delivers a powerhouse punch of hydration to split ends. Which gives them a smoother appearance, but also lubricates and protects them against… you guessed it: styling tools.


Do You Have a Hair Dilemma for Argan Oil?

Maybe you recently lightened your hair a shade or even switched to a drastically lighter hair color. Perhaps your hair is naturally curly, kinky or porous and easily dries out. Or maybe heat styling tools are the addiction you just can’t quit.

We’ve all been there! Did argan oil help you out of a hair jam? Are you still looking for the best way to use argan oil for your hair? Do you use it for something super weird we’d never think of?

Let us know! We’re also happy to answer questions and give you personal advice for your specific hair type. Get at us in the comments or across social media using the handy buttons below.




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