How to make your own hand sanitizer (and other epic DIY fails)

How to make your own hand sanitizer (and other epic DIY fails)

By now, you’ve been stuck at home for what feels like forever. And you’ve probably gotten yourself into some real DIY messes by trying to make your own hand sanitizer or create a no-sew mask to protect yourself from coronavirus. Not everybody can be trusted with a pair of scissors or a bottle of alcohol. So in the spirit of laughter is the best medicine, we thought we’d share some epic DIY fails we’ve encountered on the road to stay safe and protected.


We’ve all heard you can easily make your own hand sanitizer from some high proof alcohol and a dash of other liquid ingredients While this is technically true unless you’ve got a mixologist degree, you may not want to try this science experiment at home, or you could end up with a sticky, stinky mess on your hands. It’s best to stick with professionally manufactured hand sanitizer for just the right mix of ingredients to keep your hands safe and germ-free.


When it comes to protective face masks, cotton is good. High thread count cotton is better. A mixture of natural materials, including cotton, silk, and rayon is best. You know what’s not good? A plastic bottle on your head. Or a cardboard box with cutouts for eyes. Or a very large piece of lettuce. Yes, we’ve seen all of these epic fail face masks from creative folks all over the world. Obviously, a medical-grade face mask is your safest bet, but we need to save those for our frontline heroes. So for regular folks, when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a basic bandana and two rubber bands. Just make sure it fits tightly around your face and remember to safely social distance, no matter what the heck you’re wearing on your face.


Should you or shouldn’t you wear gloves when leaving the house? The jury is out on this one. Experts say that gloves can give you a false sense of security and allow you to touch too many surfaces, thinking you are protecting yourself. In reality, though, gloves can create cross-contamination moving germs from one surface to another. Once again, you’re better off carrying hand sanitizer when you’re out and about, and disinfecting your hands frequently, and then washing your hands immediately when you return home. You can also bring paper towels and apply hand sanitizer while at the market to wipe off grocery carts and baskets, door handles and credit cards machines, and any other surfaces you encounter. Just make sure to dispose of these homemade wipes before entering your car, and then sanitizing your hands again after disposing of them. It’s a lot, but you’re worth it.


They say that cleanliness is next to godliness but is there such a thing as being overprotective when it comes to your Personal Protective Equipment? Unless you are a frontline healthcare worker, do you really need to cover every inch of your body in self-protective gear every time you leave the house? Probably not. The key is to clean everything thoroughly once you get home. Outdoor clothes can be removed once you’re indoors and immediately washed. But that doesn’t mean you need to wear a hazmat suit to go to the supermarket or to walk the dog. As in all things, moderation and common sense are key. It may be a pandemic but try not to panic. So stay safe, but stay sane. And, as your mom always said, “remember to wash your hands.” Use our artnaturals Dispenser - Sanitizer Spray to help protect your office or business.

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