How to Remove Blackheads the Right Way

How to Remove Blackheads the Right Way

Pores clogged with dead skin and oil will show up as blackheads, a milder form of acne. Most cases are benign, but some can lead to serious conditions because of the underlying problems that cause blackheads—bad diet, sedentary lifestyle and hereditary predisposition. Blackheads are unattractive and annoying. It’s best to face the problem head on. Here are vetted tips to help you safely remove blackheads.

Use Clean Tools

Blackhead removal tools made from stainless steel are made to retain a sterilized surface if properly maintained. You’ll be breaching the epidermis when you extract the blackhead. Don’t leave dirt underneath your skin. Properly sterilize and rinse the tools immediately before and after use, and store them in the included pouch to protect from germs when not being used.

Sterilize Your Face

It’s essential your face is clean before blackhead removal. Use a non-abrasive wash and rinse thoroughly before treatment. When ready to remove the blackheads, steam your face with a hot compress. This opens your pores for easier removal.

Choose the Right Tool

The blackhead removal toolset has several picks with different size heads. Choose the tool most appropriate for the blemish you’re trying to remove. You’ll know the correct size by your ability to firmly encircle the blackhead with the tool. You should feel pressure, but not a sting, when you squeeze. If you feel a sting, move up to the next size tool head.


Put the Squeeze On

Put the squeeze on lightly. Continue applying more pressure until you see the sebum come out from the blackhead. Use warm water to cleanse the area. Sterilize the tools when you’re done.

Preventing Blackheads

Once you’ve treated your initial case of blackheads, the easiest way to keep them at bay is to prevent them from showing up in the first place. Here are three tips to help maintain control over blackheads.

Use a Face Mask

Face masks are recommended by many skincare specialists. They’re especially helpful for people with oily skin, since clay masks absorb oils. Clay is one of the least abrasive substances you can put on your face, and once you get used to the process, it can also be a relaxing experience.

Nearly every blemish on your body can be helped through better nutrition, and blackheads are no exception. If you have your doctor’s permission, try to invest in prescription level retinoids, a vitamin A derivative. Retinoids Serum works on skin receptors and improves how skin sheds. Proper exfoliation of dead skin reduces your instance of clogged pores—the primary cause of blackheads.


The most expensive and time consuming treatment, microdermabrasion, is a procedure performed by a dermatologist. It’s only needed in serious situations when blackheads haven’t been treated for a long time and are deeply anchored in your skin.

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