How to Treat Seasonal Allergies with Essential Oils

How to Treat Seasonal Allergies with Essential Oils

Seasonal allergies affect millions of people. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America estimates that nasal allergies alone affect about 50 million people in the U.S. Allergies are caused by the body’s immune response to environmental elements like pollen. The reactions brought on by environmental allergens run from mild to severe, but are always uncomfortable and inconvenient. Allergic reactions to seasonal allergies may even inhibit us from working and other responsibilities. In 2010, Americans lost six million work and school days due to allergy symptoms.

Avoiding Allergies

The frequent advice given by doctors and care providers to reduce seasonal allergies is to avoid the triggers that cause the symptoms. This is easier said than done. During pollen season, a light-yellow dust coat almost everything, including the car you drive to school or work. This pollen floats in the air you breathe, gets into your home’s ductwork, collects on outdoor air conditioning coils, and enters on the souls of your shoes when you walk in your house. There are hundreds of seasonal allergens that affect people all over the world, and it’s quite impossible to avoid all triggers that cause allergies.

The Unpredictability of Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Seasonal allergy symptoms vary greatly. One person may have one mild symptom, while another suffers from a multitude of debilitating symptoms that leave them bedridden. You may display one symptom today, and a different one tomorrow, or you might have one major symptom that knocks you out.

With different symptoms affecting people in different ways, it doesn’t always make sense to treat allergies with over- the-counter medication. These commercial solutions usually treat a medley of allergies.People end up taking medication to treat symptoms they don’t have, just so they can get relief from one or two symptoms listed on the box. Over-medicating can cause its own host of problems, including unnecessary drowsiness, irregular heartbeat, and brain fog.

Treat the Symptom Instead of the Whole Body

Instead of treating yourself for symptoms you don’t have, choose to use essential oils for seasonal allergies. That way, you treat only the symptoms you have. Use one essential oil to treat your headache, and a different one to treat a stuffed nose. You’ll feel relief without subjecting your body to an over-the-counter medication you don’t need.

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms that Essential Oils Can Help

Here’s a list of common seasonal allergy symptoms, along with the essential oils that can help.


A headache brought on by allergies can be caused by clogged sinuses, constricted blood vessels or stress from having to endure another allergy season.

Peppermint oil relaxes constricted muscles and blood vessels cool the skin and clear blocked sinuses. For fast relief from a headache using peppermint oil, soak a washcloth with warm water. Trickle a few drops of oil on the cloth and lie down in a darkened room with the cloth on your forehead.

Lavender oil reduces the stress that causes headaches. You might experience stress all day, and you can’t be expected to lie in bed until it passes. Wear a lavender sachet “necklace.” Fill a Mason jar with dried lavender. Add several drops of essential lavender oil and allow to sit overnight. In the morning, fill a small craft sachet bag with the essential lavender oil infused dried lavender flowers. Tie the sachet to a chain and wear exposed or under your shirt. As you go about the day, the sweet lavender scent will relieve your stress and make you smell great. You might even encounter a few romantic advances.

Clogged Sinuses

Clogged sinuses happen when sinuses are inflamed, nasal passageways constrict, and when excess mucus is produced. Eucalyptus oil works like Drano for the sinuses. One or two sniffs of this essential oil are enough to provide instant, temporary relief. For longer lasting clogged sinus relief from Eucalyptus oil, a diffuser works best. Four drops in a diffuser will fill your room with eucalyptus scented air. Place the diffuser on the mist setting. You’ll enjoy clear sinuses as you go about your day doing what you love.


Body aches come along with the territory. Orange oil helps relieve aches often accompanied by allergies. Orange oil has anti-inflammatory properties and improves blood circulation to enhance your body’s healing abilities. Blend several drops of orange oil into a small glass dish, along with a coconut or jojoba carrier oil. Use like a massage oil and rub into your itch. You’ll quickly feel better.

We hope these suggestions for treating seasonal allergy symptoms convince you to use essential oils next time you have an allergic flare-up.

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