Is Rosehip Oil the Age-Defying Miracle?

Is Rosehip Oil the Age-Defying Miracle?

As we age, it’s hard not to notice the subtle changes in our skin. Throughout our 20’s, it’s not uncommon to battle acne and discover the first signs of sun damage. In our 30’s and 40’s, we may begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles developing around our eyes.

Every age is beautiful, that’s why we believe in natural beauty remedies to help us age gracefully, not covered in harsh synthetic chemicals or resorting to cosmetic surgery.  Often the most exciting and effective ways to slow the signs of aging in our skin are really just about making skin feel as great as it looks.

Rosehip oil has moisturizing qualities that can help soothe dry and irritated skin. Filled with vitamin C, A,and E, antioxidant-rich rosehip oil is an age-defying addition to your beauty routine.

Using rosehip oil in your skin care routine helps your skin stay soft, supple and radiant for a timeless complexion. You can reap the age-defying benefits of rosehip oil by simply adding it to your existing products, or even trying some of our favorite tried and true DIY rosehip oil recipes.

What to Know Before You Get Started

Rosehip oil is what’s called a carrier oil. As a natural fatty vegetable oil pressed from the fruit of rose plants, rosehip oil is safe (and beneficial) to apply directly to skin. It’s rich emollient and moisturizing properties make it an excellent base (or carrier) for diluting essential oils so they can be used safely on skin.

As with all new products, we do recommend that you do a small skin patch test before using regularly. Rosehip oil is generally considered safe for topical use, but everyone’s body is unique. It’s important to check any new skin care product for individual sensitivities or allergies.

The Benefits of Rosehip Oil   

Rosehip oil is a versatile product that is often used in many beauty and skin care routines. As a carrier oil, it can be used in combination with a variety of essential oils for skin serums. It also has an estimated shelf life of approximately three years after opening, making it a product you can use year after year.

Here are just some of the beauty benefits of rosehip oil that make it a favorite among skin care enthusiasts.

Rosehip Oil is an Emollient Moisturizer

Emollient moisturizers not only deliver hydration to skin, but add to the skin’s natural barrier to keep moisture from escaping. Rosehip oil is made up of 80% fatty acids which are key to hydrating and locking in moisture.

If your goal is to slow the appearance of most of the common signs of aging, rosehip oil is an essential for keeping skin hydrated. Anytime you can boost hydration in skin, you’re going to plump up the surface so fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable.

Keeping your skin moisturized also adds to your skin’s natural barrier which is important as a defense to keep out foreign particles.

Rosehip Oil Soothes Irritated Skin

Excessively dry skin can become itchy and irritated. Not only is rosehip oil going to leave your skin feeling moisturized, but it also deeply penetrates and has anti-inflammatory benefits too.

Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants known to help soothe irritation from inflammation. Especially during the drier colder months, rosehip oil help with dehydrated, itchy complexions.

Brighten Dull Complexions with Rosehip Oil

Rich in vitamin A, rosehip oil helps whisk away dead skin cells to make way for new skin cells. The high vitamin A content in rosehip oil make it a great boost to exfoliating recipes. Using rosehip oil to aid in exfoliation helps brightens dull complexions.

Rosehip Oil Helps Rejuvenate Complexions

Not only does the vitamin A in rosehip oil help reveal a brighter complexion, but vitamin C and other antioxidants also get in on the action. Boosting low levels of skin-essential vitamins helps your skin be its best.

When skin is low in vitamin C, it has trouble producing collagen as well as it should. Using rosehip oil to boost vitamin C and other antioxidants like lycopene and beta-carotene help your skin bounce back to its normal routine. Rosehip oil is also rich in trans-retinoic acid which encourages a revitalized complexion.   


DIY Recipes Featuring Rosehip Oil    

Now that you’re all caught up on the beauty benefits of rosehip oil, it’s time to try some simple but effective recipes. Whether your goal is to target common signs of aging or simply replace potentially toxic store-bought products, rosehip oil is a wonderful option. You can even use it as your face oil in the perfect daily skin care routine.   

Nightly Hydrating Face Mask  

Ingredients & Supplies

  • 3 tsp rosehip oil

  • 3 tsp aloe vera gel

  • 5 drops lavender essential oil

  • Mixing bowl/whisk

  • Cotton ball


  • 1. Combine rosehip oil and other ingredients in bowl. Whisk until thoroughly mixed.

  • 2. Use cotton ball to apply to whole face. Avoid getting in eyes, nostrils and mouth.

  • 3. Let rosehip oil mask sit 15-20 minutes. Rinse off and pat dry

Daily Moisturizing Serum

Refreshing and revitalizing rosehip oil uses essential oils to create a woody aroma that channels a sense of calm.



  • 2 Tbsp rosehip oil

  • 2 Tbsp jojoba oil  

  • 7 drops frankincense essential oil 

  • 7 drops patchouli essential oil

  • 2 oz. dark glass bottle for storing



  • 1. Combine rosehip oil and other ingredients in bottle.

  • 2. Cap tightly and shake well to mix.

  • 3. Apply 1-2 drops daily, massaging into skin with clean fingertips.

  • 4. Let absorb for 3-5 minutes before applying makeup or sunscreen.

All-Over Moisturizing Body Oil Spray


  • 1/4 cup sweet almond oil

  • 2 Tbsp rosehip oil

  • 5 drops vitamin E oil

  • 5 drops bergamot essential oil

  • 4 oz dark glass spray bottle



  • 1. Combine rosehip oil and other ingredients in bottle.

  • 2. Cap tightly and shake well to mix.

  • 3. After showering spritz mixture all over body and massage into skin.

How Will You Use the Age-Defying Benefits of Rosehip Oil?

So is rosehip oil an age-defying miracle? Well, no… simply because there is no such thing. But rosehip oil is definitely a major player when it comes to nourishing, hydrating and moisturizing skin so it looks and feels its best as long as possible.

The key to timeless, age defying skin is choosing products for your skin care routine that truly benefit your skin. Using natural time-tested ingredients like rosehip oil, help your skin look youthful and glowing by targeting cosmetic problems, not just covering them up.

Now that you know all about the benefits of rosehip oil, and you’ve got some new DIY recipes to try out, let us know what you think! Which rosehip oil recipe will you try first? Get at us in the comments with how you’re using rosehip oil!

You can also comment or send us emails at with any questions you may have. You might just get your question answered next in one of our YouTube videos!


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