How Jojoba Oil Can Help You Keep Your Summer Glow

How Jojoba Oil Can Help You Keep Your Summer Glow

When we talk about the perfect summer glow, we’re talking about that bronze, sun-kissed look. The glow that comes from being out in the sun, taking vacations, and feeling more relaxed overall. It’s important to have a summer skincare plan for those sultry summer months when the elements are harsher on our skin but jojoba oil can keep your glow going when it’s time to back to school, the office, and our regular fall routines too.

The first thing to know about jojoba oil is that it’s not actually an oil at all. It’s more accurately described as a liquid wax. Beyond the slight misnomer, the most remarkable attribute of jojoba oil is how helpful it can be for skincare. In fact, the indigenous people of North America have historically used jojoba oil to treat wounds for centuries.

With such a rich history, it’s a wonder jojoba oil isn’t in everyone’s daily skincare routine already. From moisturizing to acne control and healing, jojoba oil can help with many of the skin problems we all face. If you’ve wanted to incorporate jojoba oil in your natural skincare, but don’t know where to start, we’ve put together five of the best uses.

Using Jojoba Oil as a Moisturizer

The primary trick to keeping your perfect summer glow is moisturizing. Dry skin can appear dull, even flakey, and that is the opposite of the smooth supple skin we’re all after. Applying moisturizer should be the first step in any beauty routine. Even on the days you decide not to wear makeup, keeping your face and skin moisturized should still be a priority.

Unfortunately, many moisturizers on the market are made mostly of synthetic chemicals that can leave your skin feeling irritated. Worse yet, certain moisturizers leave your skin feeling like it’s covered in a layer of greasy film that prevents your skin from breathing. Jojoba is a natural emollient, which means it absorbs easily into your skin and helps improve its natural barrier to “seal in” moisture giving your face a fresh, dewy glow.

Another feature of jojoba oil that makes it great to use when transitioning from the summer months to fall is that it’s very gentle. Jojoba oil is a natural ingredient you can use on your eyelids without fear of harming the thin, sensitive skin.

To use jojoba oil as a moisturizer, simply place a few drops on the tips of your fingers and apply them directly to your freshly washed face. Rub the jojoba oil in upward circular motions, making sure to moisturize your neck as well.

You also have the option of adding jojoba oil to your current moisturizing cream if you’d prefer. No matter which way you choose, deciding to use jojoba oil to boost your moisturizer game is the first step to keeping your perfect summer skin feeling amazing.

Replace Your Lip Balm with Jojoba Oil

If moisturizing your face daily is important during the summer then moisturizing your lips is imperative. Lips need help staying moist because the skin on your lips is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, and it doesn’t have any sebaceous glands of its own to help with moisture. Clearly, our lips need all the protection they can get, especially in the transition from dry summer months to when fall winds kick in.

The same emollient properties of jojoba oil that make it an excellent moisturizer for the rest of your skin will also help seal moisture into your lips. The simplest way to apply jojoba oil is by rubbing in a drop or two to your lips. Just like your jojoba oil face moisturizer, you’ll need to rub it into your lips so that the oil absorbs completely. You can also try ready-made natural jojoba lip balms.

You can also create your own custom jojoba oil lip balm with beeswax and essential oils. By mixing your own jojoba oil lip balm, you know exactly what goes into it, plus you can make it whatever flavor you love. Just mix jojoba oil and beeswax over low heat in a regular saucepan. Next, add the essential oil of your choice for fragrance and you have your own custom-made jojoba oil lip balm. We suggest a lavender oil or citrus essential oil like tangerine but pick whatever you love most.

Jojoba Oil for Acne-Prone Skin

Jojoba oil is the perfect companion to your skin care routine

Acne is not a great experience for anyone. For some people, it goes beyond an infection of the skin and starts to affect the way you think and feel about yourself. While there are plenty of drugstore options out there aimed at curing acne, they can be expensive or irritating for your skin.

Jojoba oil shouldn’t replace the skincare routine recommended by your doctor or dermatologist, but it’s a great choice to help manage acne because it can help soothe the skin in a natural way.

As we mentioned at the beginning, people have used jojoba oil to help heal skin issues for centuries. One cause of acne is the buildup of sebum, which your skin makes naturally. According to some dermatologists, jojoba oil may help prevent sebum buildup in your pores and reduce breakouts.

If you’re hoping to use jojoba oil to help fight against your acne, you can also use it as a spot treatment. Particularly if there are acne spots that you find aren’t responding to your current remedy, jojoba oil can help boost healing naturally. Plus, if you store jojoba oil in a dark, cool place, it keeps for up to five years. You can invest in a bottle now and have it on hand for any spontaneous acne spots that pop up. It’s worth it!

Wash Your Face with Jojoba Oil

During the summer, our face is exposed to a lot. If we aren’t burning it in the sun, we cover it in sunscreen and makeup, and often times sweat on top of that. Thankfully, jojoba oil can be helpful to keep your face clean, moisturized, and protected against the elements year-round.

Boost the effectiveness of your face wash by mixing in a bit of jojoba oil. It’s a natural makeup remover that moisturizes and leaves you feeling fresh. Deeply cleansing and adding to your skin’s natural barrier with jojoba oil can help keep bacteria and dirt from seeping into your skin.  

Another option for washing your face is the popular “oil cleansing method” (OCM). To try this method, rub jojoba oil all over your face with or without your makeup still on. After thoroughly covering your face with jojoba oil, place a hot towel on your face and let it cool completely. Once the towel has cooled, use it to wipe away all oil and dirt until the jojoba oil is completely removed. This method shouldn’t replace your regular skincare routine, but it can be effective if used weekly as a special treat for your skin.

Jojoba Oil for Even Skin Tone

If you have redness in your skin for any reason, jojoba oil can be helpful. Jojoba oil naturally contains myristic acid, which is a fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties. Using jojoba oil consistently can help reduce swelling and redness for a more even complexion. As with the moisturizer and acne treatment, jojoba oil can be rubbed into your skin to help fight dryness, itchiness, and redness.

Just a few drops a day is enough to start feeling soothed. If you notice certain spots on your face tend to be more easily irritated, using jojoba oil on those spots specifically, rather than all over your face, can be effective in reducing symptoms. The best solution is to try a small area and see how your skin reacts, then use more or less jojoba oil in other areas of your face depending on the results.

The perfect summer glow is a result of a variety of factors. The relaxation you feel during the summer is a huge component. When you’re stressed, your face is the first place that it will show up physically. Using jojoba oil to keep your skin looking and feeling its best can help you hang onto that summer glow and the confidence you feel rocking clean, clear, and moisturized skin.

Whether you use pure jojoba oil on your skin or mix it with essential oils, we’re positive that you’re going to fall in love with what it can do for you.


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