Men and Aging

Men and Aging

The Skinny on Men’s Skin

Don’t want to look like the Mummy? Some simple solutions.

The same three daily steps apply to both mens and womens skincare: Clean, Tone, and Moisturize.


By Janis Hashe


Live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse.

Usually (wrongly) attributed to James Dean

I hope I die before I get old.

Lyric from the Whos My Generation


“…male aging is unique compared to that of women because of the different constraints that emerge from our reproductive and metabolic biology.

Richard G. Bribiecas, How Men Age


Not so long ago, the ideal look for a middle-aged male was the Marlboro Manrugged, lined, deeply tanned from hours sitting in the saddle.


But as most now know, many actors who played that iconic figure died from lung cancer. Not smoking is now much more common than smoking. And there has been a comparable evolution in mens attitudes about skincare.


Quite a few women of a certain age have had this conversation earlier on: Oh my god, youre washing your face with deodorant soap!” “Yeah, so what?Now, however, mens skincare lines proliferate, younger men have been raised with better knowledge of skincare and its importance, and older men have become converts. Theres now a popular mens skincare blog, Mens Health magazines website has an entire tab on skin, and it published an article in April called Heres the Name of Every Wrinkle on Your Face.


So, whats the thinking man to do if he wants to avoid the walnut effect (and skin cancer)?



Men’s skincare: KISS

Skincare lines for men have recognized most men want to Keep It Simple, Stupid. But the same three basic daily steps apply to both mens and womens skincare: Clean, Tone, and Moisturize. artnaturals offers a number of products ideal for this formula. For cleansing: Tea Tree Face Wash or Clarifying Face Wash, both designed for deep but gentle cleaning and detoxing. For toning: Vitamin C Toner, adding Vitamin Cs antioxidant power to tighten pores and rejuvenate. For moisturizing: Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which uses the naturally occurring acid to battle aging, while deeply hydrating skin.


Thicker male skin benefits from extra exfoliation, and artnaturalsKonjac Sponges, used daily to apply cleanser, provide dead skin cell removal without scrubbing.


Men who learn to take care of their skin also realize that, like women, skin may need more moisture during dry, cold winter months, as well as dry, hot summer. Adding the artnaturals Retinol Moisturizer after nighttime cleansing can do the trick.


The sun ain’t your friend



Many men still prize the bronzed, outsdoorsy look of a deep tan. But the message is out that the suns rays are not skins friendand this applies to all skin, Caucasian, African American and Asian. Popular mens blogger Harris OMalley (aka Dr. Nerdlove") speaks sternly to his readers about this:



That golden glow that we associate with health and good looks is the visible effect of skin damage. The UV-A and UV-B rays from sunlight dont just destroy skins elastin, causing it to wrinkle and sag. It doesnt appear earlyafter all, youre in your 20s, you think youre immortal and your good looks are going to last forever. But the more sun exposure you have, the more likely that youre going to end up with age spots, heavy wrinkles, jowls and a sagging jawline. Fun times.


Dr. Nerdlove continues: Wearing sunscreen is a matter of a long-term investment. A little effort now pays off massively when youre in your fifties and everyone is convinced you cant be more than 35. If you really need to get a golden tan, look into some fake-bake options; self-tanner and spray-on tan are a better option than premature aging and potential death.


Point #1: Protect. artnaturals offers a full line of sunscreen products: Soleil SPF30 Sunscreen, Soleil SPF30 Sunscreen Spray, and Soleil SPF50 Sunscreen Sticks (for nose, ears, forehead and hairline). Even when the suns not out, damaging rays still penetrate the clouds, so daily sunscreen use is highly recommended.


Point #2: No-sun Tan. Youd still like some bronze. artnaturalsSoleil Sunless Tanner Set allows you to build up some glow without the tanning downside. The look can be further enhanced with Soleil Protective Body Tanning Oil, which, when applied over the Sunless Tanner, uses botanical oils and extracts to moisturize skin and upgrade the glow.

Take care of your manly mane and face with our Best Face Forward Bundle.

A little care nowa lot of benefit later.

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