Men's Shaving Cream: Natural is the Best

Men's Shaving Cream: Natural is the Best

Shaving cream works the best, smells the best, and feels the best when it's made with 100% natural ingredients. With a little research, you can find plenty of natural and additive-free creams (think: no parabens, no gluten, no sulfates, no animal products, and no animal testing) that will give you a close, clean shave and at the same time nourish your skin.

Many natural shaving creams can easily be found in drugstores and grocery stores. And while they may be a bit more expensive than some conventional shaving cream products, you're definitely getting more for what you pay for—and your skin will thank you for it.

Choosing the Right Shaving Cream for You

Whether you are a woman or a man, when choosing a shaving cream, you want to look at what is in the product just as much as you want to look for what is not in the product. Here’s a general rule of thumb: If you can actually pronounce most of a product's ingredients, and it doesn’t contain the word paraben, phthalate, or sulfate, then you're probably on the right track. For optimal skin and hair health, be on the hunt for shaving creams that contain natural compounds such as these:

  • Shea butter: Full of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and trace minerals (such as copper and sulfur), this luxurious African tree extract is guaranteed to leave your skin moisturized and smooth no matter how many blades your fancy razor has.
  • Willow bark: The extract from this tree is a natural source of salicylic acid. It is a natural exfoliant and astringent, stimulating cellular repair, relieving inflammation, clearing pores, and healing acne and other blemishes.
  • Kelp extract: The same phyto-nutrients, amino acids, trace minerals, and antioxidants that benefit this seaweed will benefit your skin and hair, too. It helps to detoxify and cleanse your pores, stimulate healthy blood flow to your skin, and revitalize your hair follicles.

Other go-to favorites to maximize your daily shaving experience include essential bergamot orange oil, essential grapefruit oil, green tea extract, aloe, and argan oil.

Look for shaving creams that are easy to use, smell great, and gentle on your skin. For best results, be sure to lather an even layer of natural shaving cream all over the target area. Always use a clean and high quality razor or blade, and be sure to rinse the razor regularly throughout your shave to remove excess cream, hair, and dead skin cells.

Whether you're looking to banish that five o'clock shadow or get smooth and supple legs, be sure to keep a high quality natural shaving cream in your toiletry arsenal. Your face, your skin, and even your significant other will thank you!

A New Age of Natural Skin Care

Shaving without a proper moisturizing lotion can increase your risk of scrapes, cuts, ingrown hairs, and skin infections. These problems eventually drove leaders in the natural skin and hair care industries to formulate men's shaving creams (and eventually women's, too) that would deliver that clean-shaven look while also leaving you feeling smooth and hydrated. However, these were not the only reasons.

The fact is that we live in an age with a growing awareness about the harmful effects of certain chemicals found in beauty and hygienic products. Many people have begun to learn that there are a number of chemicals found in shaving creams, chemicals with adverse effects (such as sodium lauryl sulfate) that actually dry out the skin and that can cause the skin permanent and long-term damage. Many have also learned that it is not necessary to use aerosol cans or shaving foams because these add nothing to the quality and benefits of the product.

We also live in an age with a growing awareness about the healthful properties of natural products. Natural shaving cream has become more popular in recent years because there has been a growing demand for ingredients that not only leave the skin feeling smooth but also deliver nutrients to the skin. Natural ingredients such as shea butter and kelp extract deliver certainly that soft feel that everyone looks for in a shaving cream. However, they also, and this what is important, supply the skin with the vitamins and minerals that strengthen and rejuvenate the skin. These long-term healing and restoring properties are what most drugstore shaving creams lack. But people are beginning to look at the ingredients in their cosmetic products for these additional, and actually necessary, benefits.

Nevertheless, the global personal grooming industry is huge. Market research indicates that, in the past year, over $21 billion in revenue has been acquired for men's grooming products alone. Read that again: $21 billion. And that doesn't include the astronomical numbers associated with women's products for skin, hair, oral health, beauty, and body.

While it's clear that the hair and skin care market is alive and well, it's perhaps a little less obvious that the niche for organic and natural health beauty solutions is also exponentially growing—and for good reason. From cosmetics to toothpastes to shaving creams, the number of good-for-you and good-for-the-planet products is on the rise.

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