Moisturize and Nurture Your Hair with All Natural Moroccan Oil

Moisturize and Nurture Your Hair with All Natural Moroccan Oil

Moroccan oil, also known as argan oil, is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree. The argan tree is indigenous to Morocco, which is why is the names are interchangeable. The argan tree only grows in certain parts of the world and its oil is considered rare and valuable. The rich emollient properties of Moroccan oil make it a highly-sought hair moisturizing oil.

Argan oil is an abundant source of oleic and linoleic acids, vitamin E, phenols and carotenes. These fatty acids and other nutrients have amazing hair benefits, and why many luxury hair treatment formulations include Moroccan oil in their ingredients. Unfortunately, many of those commercial brands add chemicals that don’t nourish hair, or even cause harm. When you purchase Moroccan/argan oil, be sure to choose one with added natural botanicals and nutrients that enrich your hair’s health. There are many ways to use Moroccan oil to care for your hair. Here’s a handy guide to start you out:

Using Moroccan Oil as a Cleanser

 In ancient civilizations, royalty used priceless oils for cleansing, the way we use soap and water to wash today. However, some of today’s shampoos and soaps dry out the hair, leaving it brittle and weak. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Cleanse your hair with argan oil. The oil will pull away dirt, excess oil and grime, leaving your hair clean and silky, without the coarse feel you often get after shampooing with commercial shampoo.

To use argan oil as shampoo, apply a small amount of the oil onto a clean cloth. Take a small section of the hair and run it through the cloth, using a firm but gentle touch. When finished, dry your hair with a clean towel in the same manner, working small sections at a time.

Using Moroccan Oil as a Styling Aid

Sometimes we need to be someplace in a hurry and have little time to style our hair. In these cases, Moroccan oil is a lifesaver. Even hair that hasn’t been styled since the previous day will take on luster and shine with an application of Moroccan oil.

To use argan oil as a hair styling aid, spritz a tiny amount into your palms. Massage into your hair. Run a comb or brush through your hair and style as desired. Argan oil is a long-lasting styling oil that’ll keep your hair manageable and add great shine.

Using Moroccan Oil to Protect Hair

 Moroccan oil is great to apply before using straightening rods or curling irons, as it helps to protect hair against heat damage. The oil forms a protective barrier and prevents hair from being burned or dried out when using heat appliances.

Spritz a small amount onto your hair before using the heat appliance. Use clean hands to massage into the hair strands. Allow to absorb for a few minutes before use of the heat appliance.

Using Moroccan Oil as a Hair Mask

Applying a hair mask at bedtime and leaving it on overnight is an easy yet effective way to moisturize and nurture your hair. A hair mask has ample opportunity to saturate every strand of your hair, leaving it shiny and silky for when you wake in the morning.

To make a DIY hair mask, pour a little argan oil into a bowl. Use your clean hands to saturate hair strands. Be sure to massage into the scalp, where Moroccan oil can nourish hair follicles. Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap or a clean towel. This will keep your nightgown and bedding clean while you slumber. In the morning, shampoo out and style your hair as usual. Your hair will look and feel fabulous after using argan oil as a hair mask, and the results will be long lasting.

Store your oil in your bathroom vanity or medicine cabinet, so it’s handy and convenient to use whenever you want to treat your tresses to this luxurious oil. This oil needn’t be refrigerated, and is best used at room temperature. This ensures it’s in liquid form, ready for use on your hair.

Moroccan oil can be obtained from a variety of sources, but for best results, look for oil that is pure and natural. Your oil shouldn’t come with chemicals added to the formulation. Only natural and pure botanicals, vitamins and nutrients should be listed on the ingredients label. Natural hair care can effortlessly become part of your beauty routine when you choose to use all natural Moroccan oil.

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