Movember Beard and Facial Care Tips

Movember Beard and Facial Care Tips

No shave November is here, which means the beards are out and about. The best way to keep your beard healthy and looking its best is to read up on our Beard Care Basics. Your beard will thank us!

Everyone likes a man with a beard, but everyone LOVES a man with a well-groomed beard. When it comes to beard care, there’s more to it than just a rinse in the shower and watching it grow with pride. Your beard needs maintenance in order for it to grow to its full potential. In order to help your beard look its best, here are the Beard Care Basics.

Trim It

No, I didn’t say shave it off, I said TRIM it. When people grow out their hair or their beard, it is a common misconception that you should not trim anything at all. If you let your beard grow on its own, it will not magically grow into a beard that looks like the guy from the Dos Equis commercial. It will grow wildly and uneven which can lead to breakage. Take some time out of your day and just trim your beard a bit, even it out, or ask your barber to shape it up for you. You won’t lose badass points.

Wash It

What’s that smell? Oh, it’s your beard. Once your beard and mustache have acquired a good length, you will begin to notice that food tends to get stuck, amongst other things, so washing is super important. If you don’t take some time for proper beard care, you will notice an odor beginning to develop, which is not attractive and gross. When you shower makes sure to shampoo and condition your beard regularly. It will get rid of any food build-up and bacteria.

Hydrate It

The same way your scalp gets dry and develops dandruff, the same happens to your beard. With the winter weather approaching, your skin, and your beard, get increasingly dry, which causes dandruff and an annoying itch. The best way to keep your skin and beard moisturized is by using all-natural Beard and Stache Oil. Your beard and stache will feel softer, which is good for having contact with the ladies, as your skin stays hydrated and less prone to breakouts.

Keep it Clean

Food isn’t the only thing you have to worry about getting in your beard. With the holiday season also comes the flu season. Beard care is crucial to not only keep you from getting sick but keeping others from getting sick as well. Any time you sneeze, cough, or blow your nose, your beard gets all the bacteria built up into the hair follicles. Even if you don’t get sick, anything else that your mouth or hands come in contact with can all get trapped in your beard. The best way to keep your beard bacteria-free is to use Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. It will keep your beard happy and clean.  

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