New Year, New You. 5 New Years resolutions you can actually keep

New Year, New You. 5 New Years resolutions you can actually keep

Got New Year’s goals but know you probably can’t keep them past February? We’re looking at you, daily gym workouts and paleo diets. We feel you. Been there, still haven’t done that. So this year, we’re making achievable New Year’s resolutions that don’t end up as epic fails. We’re pledging to take small steps to improve our daily lives and make us feel more joyful. In the spirit of the season, here’s our gift to you. Our top 5 New Year’s goals that you can crush all year long.

woman meditating

Make Time for Me Time

Meditate, breathe, sit quietly. Sounds so simple, so why is it so hard to just do nothing? In today’s overscheduled world, where every second of every day has to be parsed, planned, and productive, it can be hard to spend any quality time with yourself. So why not make a date with yourself in the new year. Begin a daily meditation or prayer routine that emphasizes deep breathing. Five to ten minutes per day of relaxed and focused breathing can improve your oxygen intake and reduce stress. And if you need a little help to focus, why not use a calming diffuser with your favorite essential oils to scent your sacred space. Daily me time just might make you a happier person. And that’s worth adding to your to do list. .

woman smiling and reading

Tech Free Me

Here’s a novel idea. How about one day a month, you take a tech-free staycation and engage authentically, IRL, the old-fashioned way. The rules are simple. Unplug, unwind, and revisit the joys of talking face-to-face. No typing. Eye contact required. Sounds scary? LOL. Then start with baby steps. Try turning off your phone, shut down your Macbook, and pick up an actual book. Feel the paper, smell the spine, get lost in the adventure on the page. Not only will you give your scrolling fingers a rest, you just might enjoy the retro joy of reading real books. Soon, you’ll be ready to give your friends warm, welcoming hugs with emotions rather than passive likes with emojis. Cue the smiley face with heart eyes.

woman snowboarding

Get Out and About

The best thing you can do for your mental and physical well-being is free. Getting outside and taking deep gulps of fresh air not only helps combat stress, it can also help oxygenate your blood and energize your being. How much time a day do you actually spend outdoors now? If you’re lucky enough to live in a sunny climate, maybe a lot. But even if you live in a snowy wonderland, you can bundle up, and take a walk in nature. Just 15 minutes a day spent outdoors and inhaling nature’s essence not only boosts your Vitamin D, it makes you feel sunnier and more relaxed. Nature really is the best way to nurture yourself. So rise up off the couch every day, and give yourself 15 minutes to take in the wonders of the whole wide world beyond your window. It’s a life changer.

Happy friends in a party

Color your world

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to open that brand new box of crayons and start drawing with all those cool, new colors? You never outgrow that childlike joy in color, you just forget about it, and start seeing the world in black and white. It’s never too late to revisit the joy of colors, and there are so many ways to add a kaleidoscope of colorful energy to your life. Why not grow bright hued flowers on your windowsill? Start with purple violets, red geraniums, and yellow daffodils. The choices are endless. Try painting your bedroom your favorite color so you can wake up every day surrounded by the shade you love. Or get a light changing oil diffuser and fill it with a rainbow of scents. There are so many ways to color your world. Try one or two new ones and spark the joy of color in your life every day.

Old hand, young hand and a red rose

Give the gift of you

Sometimes the best present you can give to someone else is your presence. Giving your time and attention costs nothing and can mean everything. Whether you donate your time to a charity or a cause you believe in, or volunteer at a nursing home or pet shelter, you will be making a difference in the lives of the lonely. Nothing feels better than helping other souls feel better. And nothing makes your own problems fade away into the background. When you give the gift of your presence, you get so much more in return. Try it and see.

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