Products and Tips to Transition Your Skincare Routine into Winter for Glowing Skin

Products and Tips to Transition Your Skincare Routine into Winter for Glowing Skin

It’s that time of year where people always try to tell you to change who you are, but we’re artnaturals and we don’t do that because we think your natural beauty is perfect the way it is!

Winter, on the other hand, isn’t perfect. It can do horrible things to your skin, like make it look dull and dry, so instead of changing yourself, swap out your skincare routine for the season!

Here 5 tips and products that will help you achieve, soft, hydrated, and glowing skin all winter long!


With the dryness of winter sucking the hydration out of your complexion, it is vital to use a nourishing cleanser to help restore that much-needed moisture to your skin. Our Clarifying Face Wash features aloe and cucumber extract to make sure your skin stays dewy soft as you cleanse.


Another important step to your skincare routine is using a proper toner. A good toner can add an extra barrier of moisture, which is essential during the harsh winter months! Try artnaturals Vitamin C Toner, formulated with brightening Grapefruit Oil and renewing Rosemary Extract to help deep clean your complexion and tighten the appearance of pores. Additionally, Aloe Vera and Noni are added to the mix to soothe and hydrate thirsty skin.


Exfoliation is a must when it comes to replenishing dry, dull skin. Give our specially formulated LUXE Gentle Exfoliator a try! This renewing exfoliator uses naturally scrubbing walnut seeds to buff away dead skin cells, while avocado, honey, and shea sink and nourish new skin. The gentle formula is safe for all skin types.


Use Serum


When it’s cold outside, your skin may need a little extra dose of hydration to keep it glowing and moisturized. Serums provide a concentrated dose of ingredients and vitamins directly to the skin and are an excellent choice to help combat the harsh winter elements. This is where our naturally exfoliating Retinol Serum comes to the rescue! In addition to retinol, this serum’s formula includes hydrating Aloe Vera, along with Wheat Germ, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E, to help soothe and soften.




Last but not least, it is absolutely essential to keep your skin hydrated by using a proper moisturizer. Our gentle all-natural Enhanced Retinol Cream Moisturizer is an incredibly powerful blend of Retinol and potent moisturizing extracts, that keep your skin soft and glowing all season long. Also, don’t forget your lips! Our moisturizing Lip Balm Set features six assorted flavors blended with all-natural Beeswax, Aloe Vera, Coconut, Castor, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Vitamin E for maximum hydration.


To further explore and develop your winter skincare routine, check out a full list of products we specially curated to help you get through the dry, harsh season.

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