Shampoo and Conditioner Guide for Blonde Hair

Shampoo and Conditioner Guide for Blonde Hair

Picking the wrong kind of shampoo and conditioner for your blonde hair can prove disastrous. Instead of giving you gorgeous, golden locks, these products can make your blonde mane brassy and dried out. Other times, they could make your blonde hair turn into an unsightly shade of green.

If you want blonde hair, or want to maintain your blonde hair, there is a lot of information you need to know. For instance, here is one of the most important bits of advice to remember: Blonde hair must be handled gently, and you mustn't shampoo it too frequently. Furthermore, there are specialty shampoos and conditioners on the market that were created specifically to add a layer of protection to your delicate platinum strands. Many people are shocked to learn about the toning benefits of purple shampoo formulas. At any rate, here are a few guidelines when shopping for new shampoo and conditioning products after seeing your colorist.

Color-Treated Shampoo and Conditioner

If you have color-treated blonde hair, never use products off the shelves of discount stores. You need a high-quality shampoo and conditioner that are specially made for color-treated hair. These shampoos focus on keeping the hair hydrated while protecting the color from environmental damage caused by UV rays. The shampoo and conditioner you choose will be gentle on your hair and, at the same time, stop any brassiness or fading from occurring.

Sweeten Your Blonde Hair With Honey

Honey in your shampoo can naturally lighten your hair to keep your shade vibrant between salon visits. The lightening effect is gradual and subtle, so you need not worry about the honey wrecking your color. You can choose shampoos and conditioners that have honey as an active ingredient or you can add your own bit of honey to your products.

Dry Shampoo Tips and Tricks

Washing and drying your hair daily isn’t likely to leave your blonde hair shiny and luxurious in the long run. Dry shampoos can become your best friend as you strive to make your color last in lieu of washing your hair too often. Choose dry shampoos that are specially formulated for blonde hair. Applications will keep color fresh without any premature fading. As a warning, however, when using dry shampoo, don’t go overboard with the product. Simply spray your roots with a modest amount, and then brush the formulation through your locks. Wait a few minutes to style your hair to guarantee it has been fully absorbed. Avoid touching your roots after applications since the oils from your hands will transfer to your hair and ruin your look.

Deep Condition Weekly

Becoming blonde often means stripping the hair of both its color and moisture with bleach applications. To restore some of that moisture, you should find a deep conditioning product to repair damaged hair. Deep conditioners typically need anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to fully absorb into the hair. Heat will usually help activate the ingredients. For home treatments, simply apply the conditioner from root to tip and cover your hair with a plastic shower cap until it’s time to rinse. Use a deep conditioner at least once a week for optimal results.

Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

When you’re blonde, you don’t want to risk damaging your hair or scalp by choosing shampoos and conditioners containing sulfates. Always check labels to ensure all products you are using are sulfate free. Ideally, you should also select products labeled paraben free.

Don’t Clarify

Those with blonde hair should avoid clarifying shampoos (such as, again, any shampoo with “sulfates”). Clarifying shampoos often contain harsh ingredients that could strip away the color from your hair. Clarifying shampoos are typically only appropriate if you have a lot of buildup on your hair and have your natural hair color.

Purple Shampoo Products

Between color appointments, it’s not uncommon for blonde hair to become a yellow or brassy shade. As a way to neutralize this effect, you should invest in a purple shampoo. The more purple the shade of the shampoo, the better neutralizing effect it will have. There are also purple conditioners available to help reverse any type of brassiness in your hair. Choose hydrating shampoos and conditioners to prevent your hair from drying out. There are also organic berry shampoos and conditioners for blondes that have the same effect as traditional purple hair products.

Why does purple shampoo work? The answer is relatively simple: The color purple, on the color wheel, is on the complete opposite spectrum from yellow. When you wash your hair with a deep purple shampoo, your hair absorbs a portion of the pigment to cancel out your yellow and red undertones. The brassiness is cooled down while the blue undertones brighten your blonde color.

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Organic Formulas

If you prefer more natural shampoos and conditioners for your blonde hair care, you’ll have plenty of options on the market. Many fruit-based shampoos and conditioners will protect hair from cellular damage and prevent any stripping away of color. Key ingredients to consider while shopping for products include galangal root, edelweiss flower, coconut milk, and natural oils. For a purple shampoo, you can choose types made from extracts of red sweet potatoes or blue gardenia.

Choosing a beneficial shampoo and conditioner is only one part of the process when caring for blonde hair. You must also be mindful of heat exposure from styling products and UV rays when spending time outdoors. Don’t be shy about using a swim cap either, since chlorine from pools can discolor blonde hair. Never sacrifice your perfect blonde shade by not taking the time to properly care for your hair.

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