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History of the Beard

The Hair of Your Chinny-Chin-Chin From ancient Greeks to lumbersexuals, beards have a history “Today, beards are everywhere…our ancient ancestors would be bristling with pride.”   By Janis Hashe   Anthropologists tell us that facial hair, including beard and stache, is a “vestigal trait” from when

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10 Step Guide to Grow and Nurture Your Beard

Whether your significant other approves or not, that inner troglodyte is desperate to express that true symbol of nature-provided manliness: his beard. It’s hard-wired into your DNA, gentlemen. The problem is, of course, that growing a full, thick beard just

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The Beard Care Basics

No shave November is here, which means the beards are out and about. The best way to keep your beard healthy and looking its best is to read up on our Beard Care Basics. Your beard will thank us! Everyone likes

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Easing the Struggles of Shaving

Our How-to Guide on easing the struggles of shaving. It seems like more and more people are joining the “no shave November” club. The long sleeves shirts, the sweaters, and pants all hide our hairiness. However, the true beauty of this

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How Beard Oil Helps You Grow a Manly Mane

Beards and facial hair are trending. More men are growing their beards and staches because they’ve realized how much attention they get with this manly feature. Whether you want to experiment with a longer, wild beard, a short, carefully groomed

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